In A Moment....

In a moment of fading light and bad photos.......

I sit at my computer, looking out my living room window and see that the sun that has nearly disappeared behind my house, is somehow still lighting up the front of the barn across the pasture. I contemplate, like I've done every evening this week, the fact that it is dark now before 7:30..... and I don't like it. I don't like it a LOT!

I grab my phone and go out on the porch. I know it is too far and my phone camera will never capture it properly and I snap off some photos.

In the moment.jpg

It is not light enough out, but the camera is in my hand so I have to take photos of more things that will never turn out..... like the wind chimes hanging above my head.


I expand my zoom and try to capture the horses that are close to the fence. I know it's not going to be good and yet...... I take them anyway. A car passes as I click.


The red solar flower is already glowing . Later when I came in I saw the erie slash of light to the right, poltergiest?? ...oh.... no... just the metal arm of the spinner that is beside the steps. Drats !

solar light.jpg

Coming in the door I take a snap of the red geranium bloom that still lingers even though I have not watered the plant nearly enough. It's barely there. I pull it up on my computer program and move the light slid all the way to the right. It smudges brighter, but not better.

I decide it is like an abstract painting..... a bad one.... a dark one..... one with demon shadows dancing in the background. I almost delete it and then.... crop it and line it up for the post.

geranium art.jpg

My heart is not unhappy at this moment, but the rest of me is dreading the shorter days, where soon I will be working nearly all the daylight hours most days of the week.

I will definitely be trying to enjoy every light moment from here till then.

I hope you have had a good day.

Still Love You !


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On the bright side of the dark side, think of all those cozy nights that beg to be curled up in under some soft throw and a book about something - maybe some subject you've been meaning to learn all your life - and now that all that invigorating light is gone, now is the time.

11.10.2019 03:59

I won't deny the allure of "cozy" when the weather goes cold, but snuggling with a good book for the evening can only hold me a short time, THEN I need something more exciting, something that makes me not feel cooped up too long, something that helps me not feel isolated. I know part of that is because I live alone. I'm sure isolation is not a common feeling in a home with a husband and a couple of energetic children. :) I'll live through it, or at least I have so far and if I don't, it probably won't be the lack of light that does me in. LOL !!!!

12.10.2019 13:48

What you are describing can be resolved by night clubs. That's right - electric lights of downtown blaring down into your car as you drive aimlessly to find parking, then the lines of just barely adult aged women continually taking selfies, music so loud you think There goes any chance of not needing a hearing aid past age 70, the sight of the snaky eyes on a few of those fraternity kids as they size up the place.

And just like that - you are cured! All you want to do is get back home and curl up with a book ;)

Yes, I imagine when my kids are grown there will be a strong sense of isolation. That is a phase of life I can't yet comprehend.

13.10.2019 04:44

OH !! That DOES sound like a cure !

ha ha

Thankfully, it will be a long time before you ever have to know.

13.10.2019 05:17

I see that demon! And yes I know of that demon which you speak : old man Winter. He comes and steals all of our sunshine away. Hey at least you got a post out of those photos and a rant. The is my main stock and trade... Crap and rant lol.

12.10.2019 11:42

Crap and Rant !!

That describes this post so perfectly.

Amazing the photos I am compelled to take for Steem. LOL ! Of course, normally, they just get deleted.

12.10.2019 13:39