I'm A Bit Of A Paint Splasher.... :)

Hello ! Just joined the community and thought I'd share one of my fun pieces.

I sometimes think I am just one brain cell away from being a real artist... ha.... but it's fun to splash some paint around and I enjoy doing it very much.

I've mostly used various brushes for my boldly colored abstracts and with all the pouring craze, I've even poured a few, but when I made this one, I was trying out painting knives.

my painting.jpg

Originally it was just a random abstract piece, but after it was done I thought it looked like a bridge over water that included a little tug boat coming out from the other side underneath it and a hint of pilings in the foreground.

What do you see ?

It's ok to say you see a big mess ! LOL !!

Love you !


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Beautiful work. Great community for artists. I just joined too. I started painting again ... feeling motivated.

23.02.2020 04:05

Thanks !

Seeing other people's creativity is always energizing.

23.02.2020 05:07

I'm seeing a pregnant bust in the clouds, like some sort of overseeing fertility goddess, and there are her worshipers on a bridge desperately hurling sperm upward in offering.

Hey, you're the one that asked what I saw ;)

23.02.2020 04:12

Are you pregnant again ?!?! 😅

..... and I really wanted to know ! So now I have to go back and see if I can see what you're seeing.

LOL !!!

23.02.2020 05:06

Heck no I'm not pregnant. Maybe it was fear of getting pregnant that prompted this analysis? :)

I think that they think that she thinks that if they don't continue providing offerings of sperm, she will birth her baby and unleash it on them it will be some sort of monster that some great hero will then have to vanquish. I will wait for your next painting to further understand the outcome. Do you think I've been reading Greek myths to the children, or not? ;)

23.02.2020 05:35

She will birth her baby and unleash it on them ??? ahahahahahahahhaha....

Greek myths huh?.... yeah and they are going to be all messed up now for hearing about it all too soon.

Maybe you should have just stuck to Aesop's Fables.... or sumthin.

Yeah... I'm kidding !

23.02.2020 06:03

Aesop's Fables is for sissies! Ha, actually I do really like Aesop's Fables. I have a beautifully illustrated copy. We just started Greek studies in ancient history. I have been waiting for this moment! Think Hercules. Oh yeah. The drawing of him on the cover of his book puts all those romance novels out there to shame ;)

23.02.2020 06:13

I think it is water meeting shoreline. Very cool.

23.02.2020 09:25

having fun is enough justification to make art ! 😉 l0vtpe.png

26.02.2020 23:55

It sure is !!!

27.02.2020 00:13