Gotta Luv Some Googly Eyes.... My First Entry Ever !


Oh wait ! Did I just welcome myself ?? How rude ! LOL !

In the past few weeks I have come across several #googlyeyes posts and found them very humorous and fun.

This past week, I found I had a package of googly eyes in my crafty bag of tricks, so I brought them out where I wouldn't forget them. I had a day off of work today, so this afternoon I went walking around to see what I could find to put them on.

I must admit that EVERYTHING I put them on looked funny. I had not read the older post that had some advice on what was encouraged and discouraged and had gotten some photos with "eye on eye" items. They are hilarious too ! (or so I think), so I will put them on a non related post at a later date.

It was really quite fun finding things to put them on.

So this first photo is my contest entry. WELCOME ! This metal pot of flowers decor welcomes my friends and family to my home and now it is MUCH more fun and welcoming.

welcome 2.jpg

Now that I know too that putting them around in public places is encouraged, I will put some googly eyes in my purse and see what happens along the way.

single flower 2.jpg

I love happy faces.... don't you ?!

single flower.jpg

I made this post #googlyeyes hosted by @googlyeyes . It was fun !

Hope you all are having a happy day.

Love Ya !


welcome .jpg

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Ha I love the one on the left that is looking away LOL!!!! Too funny!!

24.10.2019 00:01

Thanks !

The wouldn't cooperate and all look at the camera at the same time.... uh! Flowers ! They are so uncooperative sometimes. :)

24.10.2019 00:15

This post for sure made me smile, what a cool use of the googly ey4es


24.10.2019 00:13

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24.10.2019 00:14

Thank you !

When you put googly eyes on things, it is nearly impossible not to smile I think.

24.10.2019 00:16

Well that may be true but some such as yours bring bigger smiles ;) Posted with

24.10.2019 00:21

Awww..... thanks !

24.10.2019 00:38

👍🙂👍Posted with

24.10.2019 01:01

hahaha... what an awesome debut to your #googlyeyes adventure!

Yes, it is discouraged to put "eyes-on-eyes" while it's very much encouraged to put them in public areas and leave them behind... you did your homework eh?! :D

I for one would feel very welcome arriving at a house with such friendly flowers on the door.

Thanks for posting with #googlyeyes!

24.10.2019 10:08

If only I had done my homework before I took some photos.... ha ha

I have a few more around my yard and the neighbor's that I liked and will submit later, since you bent the rules to be able to include them, but I will also start watching when I go out for the more public googly bombing opportunities.

Thanks !

24.10.2019 22:25

Too funny, a great start!
I'm quite sure we all gonna love your posts.
Welcome on board 😀

24.10.2019 22:20

Thank you !

I'm excited to be able to be a part. Putting these googly eyes on things, taking photos and seeing how they come out has made me giggle a LOT ! They're so funny !

24.10.2019 22:29

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26.10.2019 23:18