Goodbye Busy...

.... that's right, I'm SO done with you. You are finicky and hard to get along with and well.... you see, I just don't put up with that mess anymore.


You treated me well for a while and then you disappeared and expected me to jump through hoops to get you back. I did that and I forgave you once even though you put me through a lot of hassle, but that was it, no more.

dragonfly on leaf.jpg

You do not deserve any more of my irreplaceable life moments. Hmmmfff !! Don't bother to call ! I have nothing left to say to you.

A new chapter begins. :)

I love new chapters... .don't you?


out with the old, in with the new

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Love that pink and blue!

20.07.2019 08:07

Thanks !

The birds weren't using the bird bath very much, so I floated flowers and glass floats in it. :)

20.07.2019 08:19

Great bird bath! I thought it might be a plate :)

20.07.2019 09:24

I'm feeling that way with I don't know about busy but taking your experience as a no for me too.

20.07.2019 13:54

Well.... I don't come here for a hassle....LOL

Last time they did major changes and/or updates, it took forever for it to let me back into my own account. It was very frustrating, but I kept trying every few days and finally got it back. It was easy to use and all of that, but they have done it again and I tried once or twice..... but that was it. There is simply too many choices to go through that mess.

I ain't got time for that.....LOL !!!

I didn't know Dtube was having issues. I haven't used it but have some friends that do and hadn't heard it was a pain.

20.07.2019 15:45

Good byes are always hard for me. Yet even I have a limit. To be perfectly honest, I only posted with Busy for the upvote. I guess I was a user, and not very loyal. I have to say, so far I am liking Steempeak. I had heard so much good about them and never a negative. I guess I will post with Esteem because after all, I still like that upvote lol.

20.07.2019 16:29

This Goodbye was not hard for me....LOL.... I don't like things that aggravate me.

I did go to busy because I was supposed to get upvoted, only to find that I wasn't worth enough to get that vote. At the time though, they did have the slider for voting and I was able to still vote with my penny using less.... whatever it is that you use to vote. It only made sense as small as I am.

Anyway.... it's over and there is no looking back. :)

20.07.2019 16:50

Aw. Poor Busy. I know what you mean. I've been having similar issues but I think the problem is with Steem Connect rather than Busy itself. SC has been causing problems all over the place for me. 😢

20.07.2019 19:46

Well.... who knows? I sure don't and I had no problem with Steem Connect getting into Peak. Unless Steem Connect is discriminating against Busy, it seems to work just fine. LOL..... oh well.... Not my BUSYness now. ha ha

20.07.2019 20:17


20.07.2019 20:21


21.07.2019 08:52

That was supposed to be funny !

Breakups are not pretty sometimes....LOL !

21.07.2019 14:38

I started using @esteemapp when I joined up here and have never regretted it for a minute. I've seen all the bugs get repaired and admired all the updates,and partly because they are a very small team I think they have done some incredible development. All of their rewards and upvotes on my posts for the past 2+ years have made my account what it is today. I'm accumulating eSteem tokens and can't wait for their announcement telling me how I can use them! Good luck finding something that works for you!

22.07.2019 02:45