Frozen.... Nature's Art In The Blue Bird Bath

Normally I try to empty and store my blue bird bath before the first freeze, but one year I didn't catch it on time and so it froze over !

bb leaves forzen.JPG

As soon as I realized it, I went to clear it out before it could happen again.

bb leaves sahara low light high color bigger.jpg

I thought it was beautiful with the frozen leaves, some submerged or partially and the floats, so I took a few photos before I rescued it.

bb frozen 3.jpg

Sweet... .right?

Tomorrow I go back to work after being off a week for Christmas. I'm glad I have a job, but I still don't want to go....LOL !!

Hope you are having a happy day.

Love you !


bb leaves header.jpg

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I take frozen pictures too! Especially of leaves and bushes. So magically delicious.

Although, not to eat. Really pretty composition it made. Let's add more water and see what it does! Prettier, right?

Oh, work. Yeah. There is that... Have a great Sunday!

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29.12.2019 17:21

Ice and snow make such beautifully fun photos.

Work ! shakes my head and makes the Lurch sound

LOL.. !! {{ hugs }}

29.12.2019 23:42

Oh, yes!! Rats! Perhaps you never kissed that prince frog on your tree, right? Well, you should! You never know!

I never say never. Ever. :)

Pucker up, baby!

30.12.2019 01:55
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29.12.2019 17:21

Oh ! Thank ya !

29.12.2019 23:43

But, of course! ;)

30.12.2019 00:23

Like they say about the snow, it is pretty!

02.01.2020 08:45