From Eggs..... To Baby Doves....


About 3 weeks ago I showed you a small flower pot with two Dove eggs in it that was in a shallow nest on a shelf in my carport.


Since then they have changed a LOT ! First from tiny, nearly nekkid babies....

nekid birds.jpg now, two fat chicks in a pot !


Aren't they adorable ????

Soon they will be trying out those wings I'm sure.

I talked to the mother each time I came to the carport or got out of the car. No matter what, she nearly always flew away, but lately if she has been on the nest, she would stay there and let me pass without her fleeing. It's been fun to watch their progression.

I took the day off, had a dental checkup this morning and did some shopping after. It's been a pleasant day.

Hope you are all having a happy day.

Love you !


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Awe that is so awesome @jacey.boldart!! :-)
They look so sweet in the planter pot!
@melinda010100 has to see this!!!

20.09.2019 19:44

I thought so too ! The Moma picked out a nice place to build her nest. I'm sure she's the envy of all the other Doves.... :)

20.09.2019 20:03

Thanks for the shout, @shasta! 💕

22.09.2019 00:22

Oh my goodness how lucky! I had few wrens raised on my porch one time, but they are so tiny. These are dramatic and beautiful.

21.09.2019 01:42

They are dramatic! Their eyes seem nearly half the size of their entire heads. It has been a real treat to me to get to watch them grow. I'm thinking they won't be around a lot longer. I am being careful each time I pull into the carport to make sure neither of them has tried to fly and is on the ground.

21.09.2019 01:58

Adorable is definately the word. Enjoy your gift.

21.09.2019 04:18

Oh I have been ! They grew SO fast ! Amazing....

21.09.2019 04:25

I'm resteeming this so that all the other #featheredfriday fans might get a chance to see it, too!
That is precious!

22.09.2019 00:25

Oh ! Thank you ! I have seen some of the Feathered Friday posts, but it didn't cross my mind yesterday when I was putting this post up.

So many times the nests will be where you can't see in them. I was delighted to get to witness this, but did wonder in the beginning if it would be too easily accessed by predators since it is barely more than 5 foot off the ground. Fortunately.... they are still there !

22.09.2019 00:57

Doves are not the greatest parents, but still their population is thriving, so they must be doing something right!
Use #featheredfriday anytime you have a bird related post. It doesn't have to be on a Friday.

22.09.2019 01:29

Someone mentioned they didn't have a great reputation as good parents the first time I posted the eggs, but she sure has fed them well. They barely fit in the pot together now. :)

22.09.2019 01:36

She did great! Often they just lay 4 sticks across a tree branch and call it a nest and the eggs fall to the ground. Maybe it's not that they are bad parents, they're just bad builders!

22.09.2019 01:41

Last year one of them built a nest on the ledge on top of the post inside the carport. I took it down because I pictured them flying across the car and pooping everywhere. LOL I was fascinated with the nest though. It was obvious small twigs that were nearly all the same size and they were woven together so that the nest kept it's shape when I held it in my had. It was SO shallow though and after seeing the size of the eggs this year, I wondered if they would have ever stayed in that ledge nest if they had been laid there before.

Since she chose to build inside the pot this time, the eggs were quite safe.

22.09.2019 01:49

She did really well! Such a lovely place to raise her little ones! A fairytale cottage!

22.09.2019 02:21

What a good mother dove! It will be interesting to see if she returns the following year to nest in the same place.

22.09.2019 01:14

Hi !

She obviously has been feeding them well... right ?

That WILL be interesting to see. I had not thought about that.

22.09.2019 01:28

How lovely to have a family being raised right in front of your eyes!

22.09.2019 03:21

I thought so too ! It's been so much fun watching it all happen.

22.09.2019 04:19

Goos jhob melinda, verry nice for you. Animal baby

22.09.2019 06:59

Thank you !

Animal babies are always so cute !

22.09.2019 12:28

Oh they are adorable!

22.09.2019 08:07

Aren't they ?! I've certainly enjoyed them.

22.09.2019 12:29

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22.09.2019 10:02

Thank you ! That was so kind of you.

22.09.2019 12:30

The miracle of life 💕

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22.09.2019 11:22

Yes !.... a sweet miracle.

22.09.2019 12:30

How cute so your a daddy to these cute Doves how awesome 🤣

24.09.2019 13:03

I must be ! ha ha

The bowl nest was empty when I came home from work this evening. Yesterday one of them flew to the yard when I came home. Maybe they both learned to fly to a tree today? I don't know.

25.09.2019 02:16

They soon find their bearing and wonder 👀

28.09.2019 05:09