Fall Dogwood Tree...... and A 20 Minute Painting Tree Tuesday !

Today for #treetuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos I decided to take a 5 X 7 canvas board and paint a tree in 20 minutes. Yes.... I know.... you can tell that's all that was put into it. LOL ! I told Alexa to do a 20 minute timer and she did. I was going to paint a fall tree with the leaves blowing off and no matter how it came out, the good, the bad or the ugly, I was going to post it.... .and here it is ! I kept giggling because I was rushing and when I asked Alexa how much time was left and she said "4 minutes".... I rushed even faster !

It was fun ! Now there are about 8 paint brushes that need washing, because I couldn't stop. I did drop them in water to keep them from drying though.

It's ok to laugh ! I did ! .....and I'm still kind of grinning because I actually posted it ! Even typing that made me laugh.

20 min tree tues.jpg

Now for the real tree. I have this sweet dogwood in my front yard. It is different in every season and I have posted different versions of it before. Now... here it is again !

next to last.jpg

It's chocked full of red berries.

full photo.jpg

....and one day when they are ripe, the birds will tell me, because for several days they'll swarm the tree and eat them all up.

berries across.jpg

I know.. .you've seen it all before and in better photos. ~ laughing ~

berries closer.jpg

I added this for the fun of it. It still has the discs I hung on it in the spring. It has been fun seeing them twirl round and round, catching the sun in a sparkly kind of way.

trunk with discs.jpg

Well.... there it is..... my Tacky Tree Tuesday post.

Hope you enjoyed a laugh with me.

Love you !


from across the yard.jpg

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Love the painting and the "real" tree too :)

23.10.2019 00:03

Thanks !

That was kind of fun to try to do a whole little painting in 20 minutes. I will probably see what else I can do in 20 minutes for some future posts.

23.10.2019 01:01

Fast paintings are great!

23.10.2019 05:48

That is a cool tree and a great idea!! It is like those 5 minute freewrites. Well you could do a weekly theme for a 20 minute painting/drawing/work of art!!!

23.10.2019 00:50

Thanks !

The thought did cross my mind about doing more of them.

It's kind of funny... right ?

23.10.2019 01:02

Kind of like the Bob Ross contest where you make a painting in 20 minutes lol. I like it!

23.10.2019 01:10

I wonder what I can paint in 20 minutes for market friday....LOL....

23.10.2019 01:13

Paint a store LOL!!

23.10.2019 02:39

I love your tree painting and would love to have it hanging on my wall! 20 minutes! I'm beyond impressed. !Tip

23.10.2019 02:04

Well ! Thank you !

You know with the monitor light behind it, they always look a little brighter than in the real, but if you want it, when it dries I will seal it and send it to you. :)

23.10.2019 02:38

I will send you Steem to help pay the postage! I would love it and then I can say I have a Jacey original! Email is Melinda.010100@gmail.com

23.10.2019 02:50

You don't need to send steem ! Since it's 5 X 7.... it will barely cost anything. :) I would like to give it to you.

I'll send you an email in a minute so you will have mine.

23.10.2019 02:54

That is so sweet of you! I can't wait to see more 20 minute paintings!

23.10.2019 03:51
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23.10.2019 02:05

Thank you !

23.10.2019 02:40

If someone told me that he could draw a tree in 20 minutes, I would be in doubt.)) But now I know - it is possible.))

23.10.2019 18:42

If looking like a child painted it is ok...... then there it is. LOL !

23.10.2019 21:57