Christmas In July.....

Although I have seen a few places do a "Christmas In July" sale or event in the past, it seems this year MANY stores and communities are using that theme to have sales and events this weekend and I say...... why not ?? Anything that brings a little fun and joy..... and sales !..... has got to be good.

So, I decided to share a few photos of my un-traditional tree I did one year. I called it my Suess Tree. Part of it started, because I had a huge tree and I didn't feel like it taking up so much space in the apartment I was in at the time, so I left the bottom 2 or 3 rows of limbs off of it. ha ha.... I know, but it worked.

Suess tree.jpg

I had not initially planned it as a Suess..... but once I got started, one thought led to another and it just ended up that way. Nearly everything was different than I had ever done before. I put the lights on alternating red and white strings. I also made a sprigy topper out of floral stems that had peppermint candies on them.

tree red and white lights.JPG

Leaving the bottom limbs off meant I had to come up with a way to not have a fake tree trunk blaring out from underneath, so I took a tall cylinder shaped gift box that people use for giving bottles of wine and the such, split it down the back so it would wrap around the trunk and I then wrapped it in peppermint candy wrapping paper. Vwa-La ! Then I surrounded it with a snow cloud and put a few ornaments on the cloud.

bottom tree cloud with ornies.JPG

I also made some funny ornaments out of salt dough. A few are below in their natural color stage. Some different ones you will see later, I painted all of or parts of as accents.

Squiggle with gingerbread man.jpg
Squiggle with hearts2.jpg
Squiggle with Star.jpg

I not only did some squigglecicles as above, I also used various cookie cutters for others. I have some cutters that are notched so you can create free standing cookies. I used some of them that had the notch in the bottom to make what I called "Limb Sitters" where they just sat on a limb.

Gingy on Limb Disc.jpg

Opps... fuzzy photo warning.....ha ha.... but you can still tell how they were.

Heart Squiggle and Ginger Snowflake.jpg
New Orn.jpg

Some I hung a smaller salt dough ornament off the bottom of the squigglecicle.

P101029 2 2.JPG

I had used a straw and some very small cutters to make holes in some to add interest. To the right you can see where I strung three together, a small green tree shape, a cookie shape with a tree shape cut out of the center and then a larger red tree shaped one on the bottom.


I hung these along with some of my regular ornaments. I chose Santas and Toys and Gingerbread & the such in keeping with the Suessy light hearted flow. In the end, I thought they played together nicely and the salt dough ornies really showed up well.


So there you have it, in all it's glory, but of course you know you can't have any kind of Christmas post without a tackily decorated cookie.

cookie tree 2012.jpg

Or a bunch of them !

cookies on tray.JPG

It is 10:20 am here and already 87 degrees out ! WHEW !! I got out a little earlier and ran the weed wacker a bit across the front yard. Finally the 2nd battery ran out of juice and I was glad of it ! Took all the trash out to the bins and watered the flowers on the front porch. it wasn't quite 80 degrees yet at the time, but that was still all I wanted of it ! So... I am probably inside for the day.... till the sun starts going down. Not like there isn't 10 thousand things to do in here. I don't really have a plan, so who knows?

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas In July post and that you have a VERY happy day. !

Love you !



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Ooo! I have thought about leaving limbs off my tree like that to make more room for tall gifts! How clever. The Dr. Seuss vibe is totally cool.

13.07.2019 15:00

Thanks !

I really enjoyed it that year. I didn't know when I started that it was going to cause me to make ornaments and the such, but it turned out to be great fun.

13.07.2019 15:10

What a great tree @jacey.boldart. Your house looks like a really fun place to be at Christmas. 😊

13.07.2019 19:59

Thank you !

I try to make it so. I wouldn't be happy myself if I didn't over do....ha ha No holds barred when it comes to Christmas decor.

13.07.2019 21:16

Oh, a woman after my own heart, El! Oh, the never forgotten legendary cookies that always amaze me! So many cookies! So little time to eat them all.

I have always loved your trees! All of them! Especially the pink aluminum tree. Because they are so hard to find!!! You are the First Elf for sure. Nobody can top your Christmas cheer - as you carry it around with you all year!

I love it, I do!!

Merry Christmas in July to you!

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14.07.2019 04:12

I can't get enough of that good old Christmas Spirit.

I still love to decorate everything in site, but I don't have the same energy I use to have to get it all done. I mean, I slowly get most of it out, but then I don't want to put it back up. Every couple of years I think I give away some of it thinking I am keeping only what I can use and don't keep extras, but you would never know it seeing what all and I still have AND..... I haven't stopped buying !

I was thinking that houses should be built with a large hidden closet off the living room where you can just roll your already decorated trees away and store all the other doodads so there is not attic or basement or back closet that it all has to come out of and be put back. Convenience makes me happy.

14.07.2019 05:47
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14.07.2019 07:50

It was fun ! :)

14.07.2019 13:20

What a cool tree, and I love the idea of the spirit of Christma in July or any time of year for that matter

What a cool tree, and how cool you made your own ornaments, I have some cross stich decoratiosn that my wife and I made a few years back that always go

14.07.2019 11:43

Thank you !

I have some snowflake ornaments I made with clear beads and white pipe cleaners at least 30 years ago or more ago. I can't remember how many I made, but so many that I gave a few to all of my family and maybe some friends and of course kept some for myself. They have held up all this time and made nice "filler" when I had huge Christmas Trees.

I tried to find a picture of one quickly, but alas, too many photos to go through. :) There were various kinds of clear beads that have facets and they caught the light nicely.

My parents made Christmas so fun for me and my 4 siblings growing up and the "spirit" of it all has never faded in me.

14.07.2019 13:42

I can relate to the too many photos to go through I often have the same problem, so cool you made so many you could give them away we did the same with our cross stitch ones as well
Our family Christmas was a real celebration when we were growing up so its also very special to me ;)

14.07.2019 22:43

If I understand correctly, decorations in the form of snakes are edible.?)))

Cookies look very appetizing.))

15.07.2019 20:05
No... snakes are not edible. Salt dough. You can handle like cookie dough, but dries hard like porcelain.


15.07.2019 23:08

Now it is clear.))

16.07.2019 20:21

Wow! That is exceptional.

20.07.2019 13:56

ExSuessAble ! LOL Thanks....

.... It was such fun to do and it made me smile every day. :)

20.07.2019 15:41