Buy Boiled Eggs That Are Already Boiled ??? Say It Ain't So !

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From time to time recently, while out shopping, I have seen boiled eggs for sale. Eggs ! Already boiled ! I have to say, that just did NOT sound right and I made up my mind in 2 seconds I wasn't buying any of THAT !! Eewww......

Howeverrrrrrrrr..... later my Mom told me that my brother-in-law's mother buys them all the time. She is retired, her husband has passed and she doesn't really care to cook anymore than necessary now.

Still .... ugh !

So, as you can see below, I saw this 2-pack in a Sheets recently and yes.... on a whim, I bought it. I left it in the frig for several days before I was brave enough to open it. I looked at the sell by date and it was November 18th ! The ingredients just listed the eggs, which normally is good that there is nothing extra, however, would you boil eggs, put them in a container in your frig today and still eat them halfway through November?? Not me ! LOL....not even if I boiled them myself.

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Finally the day came that I decided that I would open them up and try them. I was fully prepared to take on teeny bite and throw the rest away as I was just SURE they would be nasty and could not possibly taste like the ones I boil at home.

2 eggs in packet.jpg

So I took them out, dried them off and cut them in quarters and then salt and peppered them. I took one hesitant bite and..... they were perfectly normal. No bad smell, no weird taste, no tough white, no over cooked inside..... nothing at ALL out of the ordinary.

3 eggs ready to eat.jpg

Imagine that ! I did pay enough for these two to have bought a dozen eggs at the grocery store, but you expect that if you buy anything at the store where you buy gas. Right?

Now I am curious what price they are at the grocery store. I know every brand is not created equal on many things and I have no idea on this, but I will be curious to see what the grocery store is asking for theirs. It's not that I'm too lazy to boil my own eggs ...... yet.

Well I don't know what warm sentiment to leave you with after posting about bought boiled eggs. LOL !!!!!

I hope whatever you are doing now, you are having fun.

Love ya !

## Jacey

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Here they sell Egglands Best. They are not cheap, but they are perfect. What kind of magic is used to get the shell off perfect every time?!? The yokes are perfect yellow not a shade of green either lol.

06.10.2019 01:39

You mean Egglands sells the boiled eggs too? I know they sell organic eggs for a higher price than the other eggs, but since I haven't paid close attention to already boiled eggs, I hadn't nocticed.

I did notice these were perfectly peeled cause they weren't torn up on the outside and it was true that the yolk was a nice pleasant yellow, perfectly cooked and not tough.

I found it interesting.

06.10.2019 01:43

I had no idea you could buy hard boiled eggs! I learn so much here.

08.10.2019 01:41

What will they think of next??? right ???

08.10.2019 02:42

That is really pretty silly!

08.10.2019 04:16