Art-O-Mat Machine.... Fun Idea !


You're going to love this ! Several years back an artist friend of mine told me about these Art-O-Mat machines and was suggesting I might want to check out the company that chooses artists to vend from them. The wild thing is, these are re-purposed cigarette vending machines. How clever !.....right ?? Of course at the time I Goog'd it and read all about them, but never pursued it. None of my art is that little !... but I did think it was an interesting and fun idea and enjoyed reading about it.

Two days ago when I went for the first time to a shop in the next town over too look at some outdoor art they make (I'll show you that part later, I promise).... one of the fun surprises I found there was one of the Art-O-Mat machines.

I was SO delighted to see one in the real.


Let me apologize right off for the horrid next photo, but it ended up being the only one of the token slot I ended up with. I tried to enhance it and also used the "Zeke" filter, whose color I didn't love, but which made it as readable as I could get it. You forgive me don't you? Thank you ! :)

Around the $5.00 price it says "Tokens Only" and "See Gallery Attendant"


A clear sticker to make sure customers understand.


Are you old enough to remember cigarette vending machines? If so, this should look familiar to you. Vintage pull buttons and all ! Now the machines have been boldly painted and artified on the outside.


A little closer and you can see the rows of little art vending boxes above the small art displays and names of the artists whose art is in each slot. My understanding is that you know which Artist's art you are buying, but all of the pieces are original and different, so you have no idea exactly what it will be.


A little closer of the left side.


....and a little closer on the right.


In the top of the machine, you can see some examples of some of the art you might get. I forgot to ask if the top displays are changed as the vending artists do or if that was just a permanent miscellaneous display. I'm guessing it may be examples of some of the art that is currently being vended.


Originally I was just taking these photos for myself and not thinking of the possibility of making the Art-O-Mat a post (shame ! Shame ! on me)... .because if I had, I would have bought a token and vended myself a piece of art to share. Ya'll forgive me again ..... don't you ??? Thank you.... :)

Now... .wasn't that fun ?? Have you ever seen one? Have you ever bought something out of one? Now I can't wait to go back and try it, just to say I did.

It's a warm Sunday morning here. I'm sipping coffee and lazily thinking on what I will be doing today. So many things as possibilities ! I will probably go to see my Mother most of the afternoon..... because that is the MOST important.... I'm sure you agree.

Hope you have a most wonderful day, however you choose to spend it.

Love you !


Art Is Fun, Enjoy Some

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What a great idea @jacey.boldart. Now I'd love to go how we could get our art in those machines. That might make me start creating again. 😁

22.09.2019 17:20

It IS ! ... isn't it ?? How do people think these things up ?!

I'm sure there would be some info out on the net. Several years back when my friend first brought them to my attention, I thought the owners were deciding, but lots could have changed since then because I believe prints were being sold in this shop by at least some of the Art-O-Mat artists, so I am wondering if the owner of the shop decides who goes in the local machine, since they are the ones who decided whose art they carry. I will ask more questions next time I am in.

The woman that was working the day I was there said this owner finds some of her artists on instagram. I am not on instagram, but it made me curious because she said the owner looks for and follows artists from all over and occasional puts out a call for art where people can submit examples to her and she chooses some of the artists to sell in the shop.

Who knew ?! Not me. :)

22.09.2019 23:27

Thanks for the information. Not something that's going to work well for me then since I don't post on instagram and don't live in the States. 😁

23.09.2019 07:27

Well.... this is just one owner, but she doesn't just use artists from the US in her shop. One artist at least is in Australia. You know, with the internet, there are no borders. :) Never hurts to google it to see what others do.

23.09.2019 10:01

True. I was just assuming she sold the originals in her shop in which case, you wouldn't think it would be cost effective. 😊

23.09.2019 10:09

I don't know how profitable it would be, but I remember seeing an artist on youtube that said it turned out to be great advertising for her as multiple people contacted her wanting to buy larger pieces of her art. Of course I don't know that it works out that way for everybody, but like usual, you have to do things like that for the fun of it and if something more comes from it, then it's icing on the fun cake !

24.09.2019 01:37