We are launching a series of closed online-meeting with unique education for everyone who supports the New Economic Evolution of the World and strives to create a highly profitable business with SWIG.

If you:

Are interested in investment world news;
Want to create a highly profitable business;
Want to learn exclusive methods for rapid team growth;
then make sure to join in on Saturday, August 24 at 16:00 Moscow time and get valuable knowledge from Maxim Isyp.

Speaker at the webinar:

Maxim Isyp - Member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors; Strategic development of the SWIG partner network manager; SWIG partner program Top-Manager; Certified “Master-Profi” coach; Andrey Khovratov’s student.
Attention! Link to the meeting is available in the Events Calendar to everyone who purchased any EIP EVENTISWIG2019 in the SWIG or CRU Personal Account, regardless of the date of payment.

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Report from the brilliant NEEW conference

The International practical NEEW conference took place on August 18, 2019 in Minsk. Over 1000 people from over 20 countries took part in the conference: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Estonia, India, Australia, UK and others. Member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors, Top-Leaders of the company and special guests presented their reports.

The conference was opened by the founder and CEO of the “Academy of a Private Investor”, SWIG and the CryptoUnit Program – Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov. He talked about his personal mission and the company’s goals, reasons and motives behind the idea of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

Next, member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors, Maxim Isyp, Igor Romanenko – Global Investment Portfolio asset management director (CryptoUnit Program), and active partner Valentin Sokolnikov presented. The speaker told the news and prospects of the company, presented a financial and investment report on the development of the CryptoUnit program.

Then, the special guests presented.

Director of the international association “Worlds Generals – for Peace” Skargin Anatoly Alexandrovich. .


Independent expert, investor and business-angel of a series of fintech projects, VP of the Russian Association of the crypto industry and blockchain (РАКИБ), cyber economy, financial and strategic management specialist – Valery Stanislavovich Petrov.

Nurlan Mamakeev, producer, director and script writer, founder and CEO of KG Club Production, who shared the news about the signing of a cooperation contract between the KG Club Production film company and the SWIG group of companies for 100 years, and indicated the plans for the nearest future and prospects of the largest film markets in China and India Индии.

Next, speeches from the company directors followed. Antonina Kiyanovskaya, Dmitry Schastlivy, Maxim Gafiyak, Igor Cherny, Alexey Murashko, Nelli Sheremetyeva, Nika Slutskaya, Tatyana Osipova, Karina Murnietse, Dmitry Ivchenko, Mila Serdyukova, Nicola Pasinetti presented with short reports related to their departments.

A show program also found its place. A famous Latin American singer, rock-tenor Ignacio Gomez Urra blew everyone away with his performance. The partners could not sit still and started dancing. The atmosphere in the hall was serene, friendly, everyone was in a very good mood.

Recognition of new SWIG Top-Managers, President’s Advisors and Presidents wasn’t left unattended, either. Each one shared their experience of achieving their statuses and stories about joining the company which changed their life for the better.

At the end of the event, all directors, member of the multilevel crowdinvesting department and candidates for the new presidents council, which will be announced during the big festival in India during the company’s Anniversary EVENTISWIG2019, were asked to come up on stage.

Partners expressed gratitude for the wonderful organization of the highest level, the unique opportunity to participate in this conference, receive invaluable experience, be surrounded by successful and goal oriented people, hear breathtaking and thought provoking news.

If you, just like our partners, resonate with the ideology of the New Economic Evolution of the World, if you want to achieve unprecedented heights in business and investing, then we would like to invite you to the next event, which you definitely must visit – EVENTISWIG2019 conference.

You can find the full photo report from the NEEW conference on our social media:

We would like to invite you to take part in the Summary meeting with the company’s top management on August 31, 2019, at 12:00 Moscow time, where you will hear the report and achievements over the month, find out the plans for September and details of upcoming events. The speakers will tell you about the successes of the “CryptoUnit” Program and news for those who are participants of the Program in great detail. You will also be able to get precise answers to all of your questions.

Speakers at the webinar:

Armands Murnieks - Member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors; Director of “Global Transnet UK”; Private investor; International speaker; The best motivational speaker of 2018 according to the MELON RICH magazine and FINANCE TIMES business journal; SWIG partner program President’s Advisor; Certified “Master-Profi” coach.
Igor Romenanko - CFO and portfolio manager at SWIG; Professional investor, private trader; Investment consultant at the Academy of a Private Investor; Head of the investment education and client development department at SWIG; Global Investment Portfolio asset management director (“CryptoUnit” program).
The meeting will be held in three languages. Register right now and be the first to learn the latest news!pre-23-08-19-3-12.jpg

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