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dividends from all skyway projects
start return 20 to 175 times the deposit
intellectual property skyway technologies
you contribute to a safer and cleaner world
you become co-owner of all skyway projects

We are now in STAGE 7 of the 8 Stages with the CryptoUnit.

The SWIG CRYPTOUNIT YOU can get yours gifted to you when you join the SWIG CryptoClub and purchase your Education Package. ASK me, Adrian, how to get this all set up. There are some really good special offers for you, Right Now.

The SWIG CryptoUnit is not a coin. It is a Security Token. A typical crypto coin, like Bitcoin, is unregulated, and does not have an asset based security, so the money that is bought in can be used for whatever purpose (good or bad) that the owners want to do with it. The SWIG CryptoUnit (as a security token) is registered as a company in the state of Delaware, US. Once made public, it will be regulated by the US treasury and securities. Basically this means the board of SWIG are held accountable for all actions taken. This is a big plus for our CryptoUnit and gives it a lot of credibility.

Another huge Plus for the CryptoUnit is it will pay dividends, potentially starting later this year. This is mostly un-heard of in the Crypto world.
To understand where the funds will come from to pay the dividends, you need to understand fully what Skyway Invest Group (SWIG) is, and what it stands for. It is separate from Skyway Technology. The SWIG CryptoUnit is linked to real assets acquired by SWIG over the last 5 years. A large portion of what we own is invested in Skyway, but there are also another 21 (approximate) financial instruments that we have invested in, and these are already paying us returns. This ranges from real estate in many different countries, a gold mine, stocks from around the world.

We (SWIG) started 5 years ago with $26,000 and this has now grown to over $60 million.

Everyone that currently has any Skyway PIPES will receive an allocation of the CryptoUnit, on a scale that is dependent on several factors; including rank, position in company, etc.

If you wish to purchase an 'Education Package' and receive more of the CryptoUnits you will need to have a SWIG account and join the SWIG CryptoClub. The amount will be either $10, $100 or $800 depending on a few factors - You will then be able to purchase your Education Package inside the CryptoUnit Tab and receive the CryptoUnits as a gift.

This membership gives you access to the CryptoUnit program where you will be able to purchase before it goes into STO phase to the public.

More information to follow just follow me ...https://office.my-cryptounit.com/landing/25?ref=1650588431017683&language=en

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To learn more about SkyWay, SWIG or CRU, please join our live zoom presentations every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 5 PM PST. link to ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/2752751314

registration links to SWIG https://swigroup.org/jY93

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