Hi steemleo thanks for the the airdrop.

When I checked my steem feed this morning I found out I had received an airdrop of steemleo tokens into my Steem-engine wallet πŸ‘. This was done for anyone that has staked palcoins. Check your Steem-engine wallet if you have stacked palcoins for you bonus. Steemleo is a new community site on the steem ecosystem for investment content.

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Yeah me too, lol loving these new tribes. I'm going to try and become at least a minnow in each of them and with Sports talk i'm close to Orca so I want to go for whale status while the distribution is good lol gotta be whale somewhere right?

04.07.2019 06:57

Sure is bringing new excitement to steem, Yes indeed at least a minnow in lot's of tribes will be great. And if you can make whale status in one you like and use lot's that will be awesome πŸ‘

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04.07.2019 07:36

Oh...I have about 800 palcoins so I better go check,

06.07.2019 04:39

Yes so much happening on the steem Blockchain lately. If you staked those palcoins you should have the same number of steemleo coinsπŸ‘

06.07.2019 04:41

Oh cool! Maybe you know some steem-site specifically for art?

10.07.2019 07:16

Sorry no I don't maybe one day soon there might be one.

10.07.2019 07:31

Thanks for the answer. On Steem a lot going on lately. I do not even have time to keep track)))

10.07.2019 08:43

Yes it's crazy busy now.

10.07.2019 08:45