Sbd doller value

Do you know? What is today's sbd dollar value. Today's sbd dollar value is very very low har dam 1 years late.
Since 2018 our sbd dollar has been $7 .
But after 2 years late is very dollar rate is very lower than two years ago.
Now today's sbd dollar value is$0.95000-5
It is very very lower than last year ago.
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@j44 Yes , its a crypto world we cannot predict anything here. price can go up and go down also.

11.05.2020 14:08

No , problem.but it is very harmful for us.

12.05.2020 13:48

@j44 That's very true because of high volatility of these assets price is so much uncertain.

11.05.2020 14:25

Yes @rishabh99946
But it is very sadness for all steemit user.
I m very sad for that

12.05.2020 13:50