Night photography



Do you know what is this photography.
No no you are wrong. This is a 100 solve photography. 100 sal is a very very important hand rope for every person. All person know that 19 attack all world. And if we want to to read from covid-19 must be everytime use and group or savlon soap. And always to be clean and clear.

Concord is a very very essential han room for killing germs.
1 sal and drop content 0.5% w hydroxyzine clements equivalent to 2.5% BBB chloride solution BP in 70% vivel soap Ruby alcohol BP.
Tere Pyar exting with speaker micro PC deal preparation for this in fiction of psychological clean hands. It may also be used for repair this in fixation of intact skin.

It is 50ml Roop

Concord pharmaceutical limited is 18 basic industries area khanpur narayanganj Bangladesh.
This room prices 40 taka only
Vaishnav; 040 420
MFG date: April 20
Expiration date: April 22.
Everyone covid-19 already Attic all world. So please we do not out our home and clean our hand everytime by soap and hand rope access all.

stay home

stay safe

may God bless us

Thanks a lot for stay with me

See you again my next post.

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