My training photography

Fast I want to set that our Bangladeshi covid-19 at our daily is up. Our Bangladeshi covid-19 natak has been yesterday on on elephant may 2020 Monday it has been 1000 35 man. But today it is 759. Guests very very harmful for us.


If you want to stay on this world. Please stay home and stay safe. Do not out from your room.
Life is an essential for all person. Without award life we cannot live on the society. So please be alert on this virus and stay safe.
Stay clean and use 100 land do not use dirty dress

About my post;/
Everyone, this is my amazing photography. With my best friend shimul haq.when I went to dream holiday park narsingdi on this time I travelling on this place on this time I create this photography for sharing my institute account.
I think that this is very troubling good photography and awesome.
The photography was taken from tecno K2 mobile phone. Techno is a very very awesome mobile phone and charging power is very high and awesome camera location. If you want you can buy this camera and mobile phone.
Everyone normal today I have been not enough time to to writing.
See you again of my last post. On this time be happy everyone thanks a lot

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