Banana and our body

Welcome to my steemit account. How are you all. I am fine today. Today I I reading 5 x namaz maker. Priya is a very very important for our every man. Without Priya you cannot go near your Allah. Allah is our main leader. Without Allah's help we cannot pushpa in our life. So everyone please prayer for Allah and bless for us and bless for all world.

This is a bananas photography. Banana is a very very interesting and wonderful cities then all other fruit and food. It is a very very tasty and Yami. Banana help us to make our shape and body very.

We should have everyday must be to eat. For breakfast, banana is an ideal food. If you like milk you can banana milk and rice.That's 3 item food is very very important for all person.

This is bananas photography. When I went to my house for celebrating Eid on this time I create a photography for my my steam account. This is my mobile photography. Banana is very very stronger food. I like banana very much.

do you like banana?

If you like please comment my my comment box and I want to know that about your answer.

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