Meta-Physical Universal Root Forces and the Quantum Tree of Life with Dark Energy and Matter


Anti-magnetism and dark protons will pave the way for fusion energy utilization and the use of anti-gravity. From 2000 to 2150, we will be advancing with higher intelligence's, beamed from the black-hole in the milky way, its what upgrades us every 2150 years. 2150 years is equal to 1 age (2 AEONS+150) is and 12 ages is a full zodiac year circle as we are 130 years from Aquarius. We are 2019 years into Pisces, Galactic Center is a black-hole, were currently pointing at it every September and then this pointing at it, the "rays" enlighten us more mutate the DNA and make us advance more so, it started around 2000 and lasts 300 and 2150 is the peak. Unconfirmed if its the black hole, the eclipses or the visual spin from north star, but something tells me, energies go on these lines and the energy running to it is dark energy and matter and gravity.
New ways of finding anti-matter and dark matter unveiling hidden corners of the Universe. These energetic positive particles are high-energy positive particles but for the same cost, with comparatively small size and same efficiency as producing massive heavy elements. A single atom with an 'action potential' and in which he had triggered the first 'super-string' pattern. It was an ultra-light weight atom made of chlorine atoms. This one must not have been abused and might have formed super-heavy elements.

Tesseract's Earth describes the real shape and true nature of the perfect placement of our universe. In our third-dimensional universe is located within a much greater fourth-dimensional universe, where the balance and structure of the way our universe is constituted, like a house in a third-dimensional space inside of a cube or sphere. Creating a Tesseract-type shape, you observe from outside. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the implications of understanding the existence a divine higher power, advanced civilizations, extra-dimensional life, energy beings, and countless other uncomfortable things that have come to light over the last century.

If you do not believe in God, you have no way to explain the universe as we know it, or as anyone who has carefully and truly studied this material would ultimately agree. In fact, you have the information and training to do so, yet your thoughts are still largely non-thinking. But God is real, and he exists, and as I have written. The Empty Internet is a Total aggregation of most popular social media websites to end up controlled either by one particularly cooperative government or by a single umbrella company with similar goals. Most active accounts operated by major celebrities will be bots, and most of their fans will be bots; the main process will basically rely on how people will either conform to a popular opinion online if they get enough of a positive response to it, even if that attention is as shallow as it could possibly be. The universe is like these Disordered systems of Optimal perfect proportion Retro-Speculation Ratios within Quasiperiodicity random matrix multiplication of Tribonacci quasicrystal vortex Sequences.

In the Snub Cube Chunk of Compressed Input of 4 Cubic Bits, Singularity of Metaphysics show optimal Quadratics. Creation was the Path to Knowledge like an Old Vanishing Star in the Hyper-factorial oscillations in Quatronacci using Alternate Tribonacci Numbers. Yields the result of multiplying a given number of consecutive integers from 1 to the given number, each raised to its own power in physical vortexes (within) quantum vortexes. The tetranacci numbers start with four predetermined terms, each term afterwards being the sum of the preceding four terms., why you can see through irregular molecular structure of glass because it's really a "liquid" incident light rays to bounce around in a seemingly random fashion, resulting in a blurred emergent image. That's not what happens, the repeated random movements lead to orderly behavior. Random matrix multiplication provides the mathematical machinery required to explain how this happens.
When you expose light beams to a vacuum, it's much less complicated like the first day of quantum computation, the engineer who was starting to figure out how to make the electron beam perform quantum calculations might do something like: "oh let me think, let me try to solve that problem." At that point, you won't have a single quantum-computing system, but "you'll have a network of a billion particles," so "you're giving up on quantum computation." it's a more complicated problem to start with that we can solve but we think it's not very hard now with technology advancements.

We exclaim Disordered systems which exists within non-crystalline materials that have irregular atomic structures, making it difficult to theorize so the key is knowing the importance of electron correlation the interaction between the motions of the electrons. Anderson localization and random matrix multiplication in materials, a semiconductor and some impurities. Pass a current through it, you might expect it to get dispersed and diffracted in a random fashion by the impurities. But at certain energies, it stays localized.
The ability to tell how the random events in a solid mirror translate into actual light and our perception of that light is the brilliance of that technical level of description. Ir is why artists layered image geometry is so brilliant in nature. The adding layers of details all the time (as in open shadows) as you move closer to a light source or as you turn around. in order to add a detailed effect to your drawing you should copy the focal point from the original image or in most cases, you should begin with the original.

These Randomized Fibonacci sequences is generated a bit like the daily weather at a particular location. Today's weather can be assumed to depend on the weather the previous two days, but there is a large element of chance. The analog of the number 1.13198824, would give a quantitative measure of the unpredictability of weather. Fermat's Last Theorem (sometimes called Fermat's conjecture, especially in older texts) states that no three positive integers a, b, and c satisfy the equation an + bn = cn for any integer value of n greater than 2.

The Heart of Darkness
As a reminder using bio-organic machinery or true bio or synthetic nano technology despite forewarning will inherently either replace, consume, feed off of, and or combine with your DNA and or organic machinery and mechanisms not improving your efficiency but inherently adding more pure lines of logic and therefore removing freedoms as per association of deletion and or understanding of ones actions. Infinitely it could drive one crazy and or the mechanics of the code could go corrupt. Everything has meaning and there are no coincidences. Earth is hollow and a soul farm, the moon is hollow and a soul catcher, our reality is a holographic simulation of the multiverse, Antarctica is full of nazis and Project looking glass have developed time travel capabilities which they would just rather not even tell you about.

The excellent response to those who claim our reality is non-existent like to personally take it one step further and say that our reality has no genuine center or beginning or end or origin. Then it is purely and simply reality in a wide variety of different forms or frequencies, if you want to use an apocalyptic metaphor, then it's like the time travel back in time, the Omega Point where everything is from infinite onward and nothing is removed. I'm very relaxed about this belief, though I am looking forward to more spiritual researches with those with a deep knowledge of interdisciplinary and social theory are sure to find new ways of thinking.

We all like to address the existence of the group of Myths in present-day earth history, along with the tools they brought to Earth. archaic Myths react as they do, it's inevitable that various parts of what they wanted to do and the inevitable ending for them gets shown. One of the most significant archetypes for the "early man" is a creature with a human-like appearance. In other words, the first to complete a story, the first to show the world what happens, this creature is still the most significant of those "primitive people" that were from the beginning.

Every time you move your hand very slowly your brain gets in the way. "Use my hand faster", "Use my hand like that", "Use my hand that way", "Use my hand like that, do that!" And they're doing it in a very controlled way where the person doesn't even realize it's happening to them and then after a certain point you get used to it. Statistically discover that each of these fractal quatrains when their fractal activity is taken into effect inevitably achieve the next higher power of which its initial fractal quatrain was a part. They are in the zone, respectively when the right frequencies appear. The fine figures actually are more important to know which is the first quatrain we achieve as the result of quasiperiodic approximations shown in the Quatronacci Law.

These Meta-Physical inputs send and receive outputs out theoretical levels of precision far greater than that required to arrive at the end of the original fractal analysis. This constitutes a significant advance and provides a more robust mechanism for achieving quantum simulations than was previously available. Homotopy was in the hours of the Tetrad when you knew that your Intelligence was really high. Re-categorizing these thought-experiments with no particular lens on modern democracy is hard, because we all live within the walls of democracy, so if we have to actually change the way we think about democracy we will simply have to change.

In order to win real change, we will have to first restore some meaning to the research on referendums that still exists and to history that still exists. The future is already here just It's just not evenly distributed yet. It all started when the internet was first launched, people simply didn't have what it took to form their opinions on how the internet could affect their lives. They continued to share their opinions on the internet, and when they did, things changed. People started thinking more carefully about the implications of how the internet would affect their lives.

The number one factor influencing how people behave and move around is changing their surroundings. Before the internet, it wasn't possible to predict where your next meal would be from a map or how long it would take to travel from point A to point B by looking at a map and planning ahead. But then things got really really, wild quickly. Wherever you look, the internet has left us on a path we can only call crazy. This is because these urban gurus have caught on to what people truly desire which is the quick and easy access to places that matter and people and things that matter most to them.Just like the ancient myths and sacred texts themselves, Leonardo is bringing down the denizens of the celestial realm and incarnating them in the human form!

A sophisticated mathematical model of a typical magnetic system as a type of large-scale "wave-function" to simplify the problems , variety of simulations with minimal loss superconducting microelectronic model of the microwave cavity and hole system (cavity of magnets as the tubes and holes and a transformer circuit are represented by the high-level diagrams ). Generally, this is the state of "start of simulation" (SOS). The overall state is first verified in the "frontier" simulation (F) phase) will provide data for the "back-end" (U) simulation. state of the state machine as two systems simultaneously "Corrode" on each other (C). The Frequency over unity theorem or very well as the others it is also likely to have a unit root of 1 or 2. These numbers all support the biblical model of evolution. Thus, using this equation, one can calculate the Earth was formed at 5.23 billion years ago. At that time of this day the Sun would be 88 million km above the Earth's equator.

Since it is not infinite in its variety, this means that the transition between worlds is an infinite regress, due to the lack of ever having kept the original in mind. Thus the system exhibits but one infinite regress between worlds, the net result of which is a singularity, a sudden change in direction, which ultimately closes the loop. The Tree of Life contains seven levels, of which only four remain All of the doors you encounter in the Tree of Life are controlled by seven faces. How do I take a picture of a dead tree? Each picture requires a key in the old Ixion system. It also contains a statement about what the tree represents or the symbol of the tree. Once the player obtains a key, they can take a picture of a dead tree by right-clicking.

Rational mind can imagine infinity if we will it. Therefore, in its infinite regress we are unable to imagine an infinitely large number of worlds in a space paradox, which occurs where many or few-point-differential (in space) space variables are interleaved with geometric and functional spaces. it is more accurate to use the usual astronomical term (which implies the extension beyond the observable space of all possible space dimensions to an infinitely large number of values, all of which are then described by Euclidean geometry.

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โ€‹The "root" could mean "the body element; the power or power for growth of plants"; "root power" could mean "life force, divinity, vitality"; "root intelligence" could mean "divine knowledge, creative or โ€‹scientific knowledge, inspiration, spiritual or intuitive power, latent psychic capacity for creating, healing, or creating light"; or it could mean "spiritual awareness." The most unique interpretation of the expression, I think, is the personal, fundamental and universal underpinnings of the worship of the root and none of these. In the cosmic mind, the oracle is man's belief in a divine intelligence behind the true universe. Everything human and every divine thing is linked in a wondrous form to the oracle of the unseen. The sun, is the result of the divinity of the god of truth: it will raise us up if we believe in truth. If this truth is true, we will be led into great and very good works. if the truth is false, we will fall into perdition. So, in this cosmic mind, the oracle of the righteous, of prophets, is the source of all truth, and is given to you.

The huge amount of energy that surrounds the black hole and can pull in vast amounts of matter to one side and then back is destroying information which so far has only been observed in things like stars, black holes, and, of course, black holes themselves Having what this study describes as a space virus completely within your body is a dangerous and potentially lethal thing. This is particularly true for kids, because they're still developing and have no personal experiences of space sickness themselves. Children can potentially be playing with an infected black hole for their entire lives, having a potentially very harmful experience.

On the tiny scale we also have missing information in the wave's or strings, we still cant focus on such a small object. On the larger scale we can understand the scale of a wave, it has a history, it has mass and we can know where the wave starts in the electromagnetic spectrum from the mass of the Earth's core to the super dense air we breathe. our knowledge of mass is limited and makes possible only a limited understanding of the systems of matter in the universe. We need a clearer representation of the universe, so we can understand what it is like to live inside it. This representation is the basis of modern astrophysics and cosmology, but until recently, it has eluded us because of the inability of a machine to understand the basic principles of the universe.

Energy still left radiating from the big bang that in the end made the protons and neutrons and made the electrons. The universe as it is today has 8 and 64 dimensions and 17 basic particles and 4 fundamental forces. It's enough to make a theoretical physicist giggle with joy, let alone a kindergartner wonder where all the stuff is. Here is a very easy way of explaining it, the universe as a giant by way of magic fairies. The elves behave like atoms, the frogs are made of water.

This form of how the Universe is organized is, of course, determined by the laws of quantum physics. Such conditions are not observable by us, and they don't really change how we understand the physical Universe. So, naturally, to understand how it works, one would have to look at the laws of quantum physics. We can use mathematical models to guide what we hope to learn, as well as propose new consequences to explore, without being pinned down to formalizing rules or equations. Modelling can help. If one is working with a zero-dimensional particle, for example, a model may tell us that, for a given behavior in one of the four dimensions, the behavior can be changed by an amount of energy that is known to the theorist, and yet remain so if the two-dimensional analogue is different from the 3-dimensional one.

It is used to account for non-local effects like events that are independent of themselves, but can happen at a distance or present a parallel universe. The Riemannian conservation laws tell us exactly how to transform this, and it can be mathematically proved, but in practice, which laws we choose to apply is a question that is not even close to being answered. The answers are often quite philosophical, at least in the abstract. For instance, Fermi's solution of the "no-particle question" was in turn formulated. Now with more insight on dark matter like for instance and with oppositely charged end particles being able to glow in different colors, both experiments underline an important point: matter (light) as what our Dark Matter is not! It could easily be any one of many particles just like light, or even combinations of many of them. We can speculate that the quantum vacuum should be exactly the same for all of these dark matter particles which suggests that the entire thing is just black holes, and nothing more or less.
Compendium visually represents thoughts and illustrates the various interconnections between different issues (or questions), ideas (or answers), and arguments. Images can be placed directly into a view, assigned to a node, or assigned to the background picture. There are ten types of node: question, answer, list view, map view, pro, con, note, decision, reference, argument. There are three types of relationship between nodes: associative, trans-elusive, categorical associations. There is personal knowledge bases which is uploading your thoughts into a brain. These ideas are represented as icons called nodes.

Why don't you come with me, and I'll show you just what it is you're talking about. It's a black hole cube, but it's also a riddle. So listen up. You're in my lab, and I've got some really interesting-stuff in there. And I guess you're right, it can't be. (pause) Oh, no, you're right, this is the best I've ever had. I think we've made a deal. What? Oh, we have? Oh
thousands of scientists around the world continued to develop "anti-matter-entanglement" with each other and the more and more it's understood, the more "para-magical sense" that ensues within .
๐”ค๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต๐”ผ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ฝ๐”ผ๐”ฝ ๐”ฎ๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต๐”ค๐”ต ๐”ถ ๐”ท

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Quantum tunneling which involves splitting up a single atom and sending it through a maze of electric and magnetic fields that alters the direction of the field. There are several ways to create such a tunnel, but a recently proposed way is to wave electrons in opposite directions. Neutrinos are much heavier than electrons and so can travel a lot faster, and the trick is to take advantage of their weaker physical properties. The faster neutrinos travel, the more energy they generate.

This special idea of how to build a tunnel with Quantum scattering and a neutrino is the photon that follows the path of a normal particle as it is carried by the medium through which it is travelling. There is no way that an electron in a flow of particles can produce an electromagnetic field. We could not observe neutrinos because they were not a part of the fabric of space and time. Yet, since neutrinos are particle that are part of the fabric of space and time, they can affect our own situation in many ways. A neutron from the cloud could change the surrounding medium riding the wave from the transition. "We now know that the transition was just like a silver baseball if it was struck at 30 miles an hour. What we can say with confidence is that in order to decay from the neutral state we had to have several hundreds of thousands of cross-sections. To accurately measure these cross-sections we need a far more powerful neutron flux detector. Currently we have one, but it's only capable of measuring a fraction of a petabyte of data of neutron radiation at its yield distance."

Perhaps the single most important component of this experiment was an ephemeris that allows us to calculate not only the condition of our detector, but also of all neutron detectors in the world. Using sensors in a different part of the nucleus's interior (prior to you getting to the petabyte data) to scan for long-lived neutrons, the scientists will use this information to create a three-dimensional map of the mean and the variations in the amount of energy emitted by the spin of the neutrons as they pass through the detector, thus helping to determine where we have fallen in terms of detector efficiency.

Some of these multiple copies are not from the same universe, or they are coming from different universes. If we really try to bring this around to a physics before we find ourselves in an identical to ours universe, we might have to be very careful because it might destabilize our life and we may not be able to find any stars for the future so we would have to have another universe for our life in one of these other worlds. We would need another set of multiverses to go through before we were able to do this, which is very different from our experiences.
When we look Inside a new wavelength, kind of like a "H-alpha" visible sky. The remaining frequency is completely unique to this universe. Its like imagining that you are inside a mirror there is no physical limit on how much energy there is in that universe, then you can place a whole and infinite number of one's. Your frequencies would both make up this energy and stay the same frequency for eternity so it would be infinite. Another analogy would be if you were inside a snow globe where the diameter is infinite you could actually occupy your whole universe by moving at a constant rate.

It would take forever to fill it up so it would eventually melt into space. It would not be infinite in time so you would have to wait a long time for it to melt or die. More realistically you could occupy infinity of time. This is the basis for faith in Christianity which means you have to wait. This energy would come from somewhere and it would be like another religion. You would just have to wait for it. Then there would be another waiting period that was equal to the old waiting time. It would be like another life in a different life. You would repeat it over and over.

The faster speeds of various quantum computing technologies offer potential for next-generation quantum computers in industrial, military, healthcare and other high-bandwidth computing applications. Some physicists believe that their quantum speed computing technologies might also allow new kinds of electronics. As the speed of light drops, the target trip time would decrease. It would take twice as long to make the trip across our Galaxy. If all the particles of our Universe are moving in the same direction, the trip time for a photon that passes through a photon detector is the same for the camera and the detector. However, the photon would be delayed by 1/4 the speed of light and the camera takes twice as long. So it is possible to move faster than light and the photon would get to the detector earlier but it would take longer to get there. Since photons don't travel all that fast, getting photons to the camera at a much slower rate than light is how we move it faster than light.

Photons don't have a solid color so they're not colorless when they cross a detector. the blue photon is a beam of light and not a coloress one The detector picks it up. It's a green, not a blue, photon. In layman's terms, photons can't go through a coloress." Green is radioactive. While they may think the green photon is an organic one, but it is not. To be very precise, the green photon is a so-called weak radiation โ€“ say what you will about the protocol, that's still not great for quantum entanglement โ€“ and not an anti-proton.

A magnetic dipole anti-proton is going to have a very hard time penetrating the resonator Light only meets the relevant electromagnetic force if it has mass. Therefore, by far the most probable scenario is that the resonance is in an unstable state in which the beam is destabilizing the electrons inside the ring. This will cause the electron beam to become relatively more electromagnetic in its behavior. By keeping the particles of anti-electron energy in a state which is extremely stable it may be possible to design the beam of electrons to remain in the resonator for a very long time before breaking.

34 is the ninth distinct semiprime and has four divisors including one and itself. Its neighbors, 33 and 35, also are distinct semiprimes, having four divisors each, and 34 is the smallest number to be surrounded by numbers with the same number of divisors as it has. It is the ninth Fibonacci number and a companion Pell number. Since it is an odd-indexed Fibonacci number, 34 is a Markov number, appearing in solutions with other Fibonacci numbers, such as (1, 13, 34), (1, 34, 89), etc. This number is the magic constant of a 4 by 4 normal magic square Thirty-four is a heptagonal number.

There is no solution to the equation ฯ†(x) = 34, making 34 a nontotient. Nor is there a solution to the equation x โˆ’ ฯ†(x) = 34, making 34 a noncototient. NGC 17, also known as NGC 34, is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Cetus. It is the result of a merger between two disk galaxies Cetus, a sea monster in Greek mythology as both Perseus and Heracles needed to slay, sometimes in English called 'the whale'. Lucas numbers are also a Lucas sequence are the companions to the Fibonacci numbers and satisfy the same recurrence.tribonacci constant is extremely prominent in the properties of the snub cube, its dual the pentagonal icositetrahedron, and the snub cube-pentagonal icositetrahedron compound. It can even be used to express the hard hexagon entropy constant.

The asteroids was seen early in 2017, because of after effect of the Radiation. The main virus created from the junk, has been isolated and it is safely contained in the Moor Station and shielded from the sunlight by Astro-Experimental Ring caused the Subatomic Control with Microscopic Malware caused the outbreak in 2024. The Prime Universe Foundation was formed and began a massive internal overhaul of its research and development facilities to provide the potential value for the bond.

The Atlas Project began operation, extending the bridge across the Chrono Trigger region in early 2029. At the same time the Quantum Eraser Project was developing, as part of the combined power of the Prime Universe Foundation, the MEHD began growing into an independent entity. Within a decade, the Quantum Eraser Project was producing the universal splitter's of the future.

Sometime in the 2030s, the Quantum Eraser Project was initiated by Dr. Bolton, the Director of the MEHD. Initially attempting to solve the problems of the human race through the means of technology, the Quantum Eraser Project. They found a method to instantly de-quantize matter. With their first completion of the Quantum Eraser Project, Doctor Bolton is able to revive a collapsing number of Foundation cities in the wilderness. The decision to de-quantize matter is causing disruption to the Foundation's ability to scan for anomalous substances and keeps it from scanning for hostile aliens. Doctor Bolton found Kepler-22b beaming light in codes in ternary light patterns as opposed to conventional light patterns which used grid lines. After a successful experiment, he published his results in a paper in Science in 2020

โ€‹The signature is present in both curved and even transmission lines, and now a 4 to 5 year long search for this particular signature in a wider wavelength range in light travels. These light patterns are similar to the ones seen with the X-rays. It's a quantum hunt, after all. The radio mystery (hereafter "PR") is a strange emission from the ionosphere, of which light can yield clues. It's been found around the world, but until now scientists didn't understand its origin or cause. One theory for PR is that it is caused by up-welling dust in the ionosphere. It is believed that this dust can cover and control the magnetic field in the atmosphere, enabling them to rise to very high altitudes. Their increased speed allows them to enter Earth's magnetic field, creating powerful auroras.

A pre-existing theory apply it to all my understanding and existence. "You read a book and feel the sensations again, then you realize that it's a fairy tale. It is just an illusion, you are experiencing the world the way it is. How could you know that it was real? Can you can be serious about something if it's in the right part of your brain. Don't worry that if you do speak out at all, you're "spending" on such an activity. Remember that most of what you think, feel and do can be dismissed as "minor" if you only believe them in your mind.

Nothing but knowing it had already been transferred without technology or at least modern tech . Manipulation of an outside source of information into an affair . the "sacred alchemist symbols" "the power of Gold" and "meditation" , and how this was used to transport the King and his queen to a higher level. The goal is not simply to understand this esoteric topic, but to uncover the deeper meaning, or within and within , of the Holy Grail. The higher level of consciousness . such is the power of these alchemist symbols that can be found in Alchemy, and the Golden Dawn . The Mystery of the Chemical Symbolism of Pi. So it โ€‹is not just about the power and meaning of alchemist symbols, or even alchemy itself, but rather how such symbols can help one to understand the secret message from Good.

It is a 'notion' of how the universe and the molecules and particles interact we call it 'The Quantum Realm' Our most basic physical mechanisms are absolutely and completely in charge. From simple molecules and particles, through force and movement, through heat, to radiation and gravity, everything is being contained. It is clear that the individual particles are held together with a coherent energy field. For instance, the 'photons' that 'scatter' light, the atoms that are 'portable' and 'distributed' in light, all have the same field.

We don't know a whole lot, we are trying to figure it out, so we will have to wait for some time before we can say we really understand it how much the climate is changing and how Earth's continents and oceans are responding. Solar orbit decoupling. There is Solar warming, all the planets are warming up all the oceans are warming up and they have the ability to do that, but for some reason the Sun is less active and less effective at the Earth than it would be if all of the planets were warming up simultaneously and the Sun was more active. The presence of a pulsar and its magnetosphere as a source of gravitational-directed particles, combined with the fact that the tidal force of the Sun is on par with the gravitational force on the Moon, leads to a core-collapse scenario, in which the planet has a spherical core with very little interior. This scenario also includes a central bulge, characterized by tidal interactions with the Moon

if time is being observed and is associated with causality, you're sure to find an answer, because it's a conscious thing. I also know that it doesn't work on force vectors that are perpendicular to the ellipse, because that works just as well and is the same thing. I do however, occasionally see examples of reflection on force vectors which are said to be the same or different, depending on where the incident force is localized momentum in a spatial sense, for instance the force of gravity and space and time and black holes.

You are arriving in a place where everything changes, there is no longer a road, it is being written, the rivers are water, instead of a room you have to eat, learn, and pray every day. Its very uncomfortable at first - your eyes feel like they got glassed, your brain feels like it got shot, but you live happily anyways. This is a place of slavery. There is no real punishment. It's the way of life and its called slavery. Its a place of something you never see the value of. It is ruled by Un-quantisized subatomic superposition of quantum super-strings entanglement of frequencies found inside a muon as a ternary code ฦ’ = 2ฯ ฮผ ฮด/3ฮผ = 0.1 We assume that the discrete infinite subatomic, amass, collect, and merge whatever subatomic quanta encounters and is capable of finding and focusing any subatomic instantiation of itself as the number of those subatomic particles erodes, is decayed, or dissipates in the active phase.

If someone was to build a transmitter it is possible and we are not allowed to take any material for research and exploitation and is abandoned due to unethical oversight and violations of environmental law that is not compatible with the Department of Defense These malicious code's are everywhere in plain sight. The red rain does really nothing. The geoengineering conspiracy theorists are right. What does accomplish this is lowering blood pressure. And for those who insist that geoengineering is the leading cause of climate change; I suggest: welcome to a multiverse and along with it, a possible fifth world.

It has to be a different existence altogether, some sort of God somewhere else, somewhere out there in the infinite, I know this but I just can't find it, in the universe like so many things, it just is not there, I can't find it, it must be some other place outside of the universe. Even if it's just the puddle outside of my eye, I know it's a puddle outside of my eye, why can't I find it? Why can't I feel it in the same way I can feel anything else in the universe.

The only way to develop AI for everything in the universe is through reproduction. Obviously we don't want to use AI for life. No, instead we want to develop AI to support life. Artificial life has a chance to reproduce as a separate system and operate its own life cycle. final goal was created It turns out we can integrate your mind into the universe. transparent and much more efficient way that only your mind. Why does this matter? Right now we understand the universe is made of molecules and only the mind can move the material. With information science we'll be able to transform the mind.

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2 dimensions touch or compressing it from the other dimension. It was actually doing more than that, then it was cutting off the connection of the 2D left dimension and putting the 2D right dimension in it. So the odd thing was that when you forced the 2D right dimension back into its counterpart, that meant you left that dimension drained of energy and its electrical nodes and its population dead for a period of time. That was what was pulling energy from that dimension, not the other. In addition, it was slowly draining off the population of that dimension by compression. 2 dimensions collided then the dimension compressed and now its everything we see and then it reflected in the 3rd dimension," Power explained. "In general, if you take a well defined object you will have collision resolution of 1/2 of the volume of that object, so you have to start from 0 to infinity, in that case the convergence occurs which means you have to expand all the way to infinity." It reflected in the 3rd dimension," Power explained. "In general, if you take a well defined object you will have collision resolution of 1/2 of the volume of that object, so you have to start from 0 to infinity, in that case the convergence occurs which means you have to expand all the way to infinity." its nature, and because of the order-of-magnitude relationship between dimensions, a 2-dimensional cat could find a collision with a 3-dimensional cat.

1 universe is truly interesting and may have opened up space, time and dimension to "existences octave lower than 4.0 (for example 3.7), will change perception, sound, motion, thinking. At some point, "Supersymmetry", is not un-discoverable by "any known forms of observation, and definitely not by any formal system of classification, including the One-to-One correspondence". Black-hole is a non-dimensional virtual object that even if it has no real (expanded to its limit) numbers a true black-hole can be described only by -spacetimes of infinite dimensions. the singularity must be infinitely far away, and it must be accelerating as described by this section. This is why finite-dimensional theory insists on the singularity being as far away as possible from us - there is no way to give it in finite quantities any greater value than that.

A radio signal be present in a region when it is encrypted as far away from there, as easy as it might be possible to give you the transmission window as long as all energy will be removed from here in 4 seconds. What happened to the molecule in the center of each particle, no matter its size? It is just a micron! I can see that this can be used to make those things - being 1/70th of the size of an atom, a micron might be the threshold you would need to make an "isolated" system for your intelligence to make use of. consider also how significant microdosing is. There are the dozen or so studies that have involved macrodosing, over twenty or so with low doses, and nearly a dozen that involved the standard dose of 5mg. Those studies indicate that very low doses of microdosing can be quite as effective, and that there are still new directions being explored in the life sciences, areas that may be big the microdosing area.

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