I AM 64 Star Light Codes of YHWH and IAO with Gnostic Science Occult Studies

The shamanic cosmology often consists of three worlds: the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. Connecting the three worlds is a cosmic axis, which is also commonly known as the World Tree. The World Tree served as a bridge or portal that allowed a shaman and spirits to move between the three worlds. It was the gateway as well as the highway. In ancient Siberia, the same tree that also bore fruit to the amanitas was also a symbol for the world tree. The Evenki and other indigenous groups lived in roundish, teepee like structures called yurts. Sometimes they would place a pine tree in their yurts for ceremonial purposes. This symbolized the World Tree, and they would harness its symbolic power to propel their spirit up and out of the yurt – through the smoke hole, i.e. the chimney. Once the journey was complete, they would return through the smoke-hole/chimney with the gifts from the spirit world. They also believed that the North Star was the very top of the Upper World, and because the World Tree was an axis that connected the entire cosmology, the North Star sat upon the very top of the World Tree – which is where the tradition of placing a star at the top of the tree comes from.

Ѳ Fita (Ѳ ѳ; italics: Ѳ ѳ) is a letter of the Early Cyrillic alphabet. The shape and the name of the letter are derived from the Greek letter theta (Θ θ). Ѳ is romanized using F grave accent. In the Cyrillic numeral system, Fita has a value of 9. "Э" (thus, the sample shape provided in the Unicode chart is wrong.) In regular text fonts, both ends of the line touch the "O". Stylish fonts may use a shorter line, either placed entirely inside the "O" (a standard shape for Greek uppercase Theta) or touching the circle at one point. театръ means theatre. аѳеизмъ/атеизмъ (atheism), алгориѳмъ/алгоритмъ (algorithm).

The Tetragrammaton was likely written in Greek as a trigrammatic word ΙΑΩ, “ya-oh”, ΑΕΗΙΟΥΩ, representing all seven planets. Ιαω to translate the tetragrammaton in Leviticus 3:12 Greek, the use of Alpha as a prefix (“α-“) signified “not”, much as Latin “un-” or “in-“. Alpha here indicates what things are not, which is how we differentiate things into two groups; something is Light or it is not Light, thus Darkness; something is Dark or it is not Dark, thus Light.

ΑΩ is the Beginning and the End. ΑΩ can be translated as “breathe” or “hurt”, while ΩΑ can be translated as “eggs”. The basic formula of IAO is one of life, death, and rebirth. ΙΑΩ according to a division of its letters based on the horizontal paths of the tetractys. ΙΑΩ indicates a Solar beginning, a Lunar middle, and a Saturnine end: a process of bright enlivening followed by maturity and growth followed by decrepitude and passing away. ΙΑΩ has 18 paths to the tetractys. ΙΑΩ, either the seed vowel itself or the central vowel in the trigrammatic Name if it’s part of the Tetrad rank. the Greek form of the Hebrew trigrammaton YHW.

IAO (IΑΩ) is considered to be both a gnostic godform and a magical formula It is used in light of the Transfiguration.Known as a sun-god and a mystery-god. (iota, alpha, omega) was the Greek form of the Tetragrammaton, IHVH (Yod-He-Vau-He, or Jehova, the “Bringer of Light”), the Hebrew divine name for God. Although a reference to Jahova (or Yahweh), IAO was also widely associated with both Hermes and Bacchus (Iacchus), especially in ancient magical texts and amulets.

IΑΩ sits within each new Aeonand has characteristic formula of Osiris, of the Redemption of Mankind. "I" is Isis, Nature, ruined by "A", Apophis the Destroyer, and restored to life by the Redeemer Osiris. Formula of yoga, as illustrated by the initial pleasure of this practice, followed by the inevitable agony, and finally resulting in a new, superior state, perhaps similar to, yet fundamentally different from the initial state. IΑΩ)is the formula of all learning: illustrated by the act of “robing yourself as a king, then stripping and slaying yourself, and rising from that death to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel” It had been replaced by that of Horus.

I represents the monad or the phallus. Its actions do not produce change within, but only out of itself. O represents the yoni or the female, which changes through addition, subtraction or multiplication. It represents matter that is capable of taking on form. The union of the I and the O would create the triad, or the world formed by the two creative principals out of matter. “A” would then represent the conjunction between these two principles.

IAO has a special status in English. I and A are the most commonly known single letter words. "I" is singular subjective term, while "A" is a singular objective term. "O" is a lesser known English word. It suggests: "Self. Other. Self/Other", and acts as a primary sematic formulation, underlying the structure of the dynamics of consciousness in interrelation with itself amd a pattern given by the mirrored inner consciousness which forms in the mind as the product of linking to itself, provides a mutual basis of activity, coupled with a more basic self-segmentation and intersubjective integration.

AOI would translate to the "Un-Empty(space) with Gravity" which is just the universe. A is all the atoms and the shape of the tertahedrons standing up and floating between "spirtual atoms" sine waves patterns. I is what holds " A and O togather" so I would most likely be gravity plus dark matter and energy. O would be the empty space. The matrix connecting all these things is Quantum Physics at the basic fundementials of Atom interactions that behave like waves when observed. This explains the usual strange physical properties of the Universe. You can really see it through the creation of an image using the individual electrons, nuclei and protons. These manifestations of this wave Theory of the Universe are part of the creation of an image by the Holy Spirit which implies an enlightening experience.

ΥΧΕΟΥΩ which also seems to bear the sound of the Hebrew tetragrammaton " Yahweh, the Almighty". This name, originally known only as a Biblical nomenon, was designated to Yahweh by the Jews. Throughout Yahweh's work he had adopted a wide variety of names beginning with "The" and included a few that are found in the Hebrew Bible. Interestingly, when looked at from a specific ethnic perspective the Hebrew names he gave himself do not include the letter. Fulfilling the word of the Dead Sea Scrolls in that he is celebrating the power of the spirit. It's an archetypal form, also known as a shamanic representation of the natural world.

The Golden Dawn favored the consonantal transcription IHShVH or YHShVH, and the pronunciation Yeheshuah. JHSVH, given the differences between the English and Latin uses of the alphabet), then it seems rather clear that there is confusion between the name of Jesus and the Tetragrammaton (whether under the influence of the old occultistic "Pentagrammaton", or independently). The consonantal transcription YHShVH is used both by occultists and Divine Name religious adherents.

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Pentagrammaton (Greek: πενταγράμματον) or Yahshuah (Hebrew: יהשוה‎) is a constructed form of the Hebrew name of Jesus originally found in the works of Athanasius Kirchner, Johann Baptist Grossschedel (1619) and other late Renaissance esoteric sources. It is to be distinguished from the name Yahshua found in the works of the Sacred Name Movement in the 1960s, though there has been some conflation or confusion between the two. The pentagrammaton Yahshuah has no support in archeological findings, such as the Dead Sea scrolls or inscriptions, nor in rabbinical texts as a form of Joshua. Scholarship generally considers the original form of Jesus to be Yeshua, a Hebrew Bible form of Joshua
There can be such things as a Hexagrammaton or a Polygrammaton. The first part of the grammaton is telling you the number of letters or symbols represented. A grammaton is used when there is know translation available that has meaning the people is one.

The prime jump has 64 combinations in the Hebrew Letters of YHWH. These are used in the Divine Blueprint for our human body. The RNA-DNA 64 combinations are able to manifest a perfect 3 dimensional body. The Sacred Life-Light-Love Holy vibrations from the Sacred name of YHWH is in our Divine Blueprint. 64 to 2017; namely prime 64 is 307, and prime 307 is 2017. This phenomenon uses the Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Pillage hastens, looting speeds. Babylon or Babel was this tower.

Our brothers of the Spirit (as the brotherhoods and sisterhoods) can and will appear to us when we are in the vineyard at the time of harvest. Holy Creator are pulling us through from above. This is the GOD OF LOVE that we can easily feel now, His/Her Will for us as Divine Love Transformation and Transfiguration. God of Divine Love desires us to be made of the same Holiness that He/She is. This Divine Love transfigures us as perfection in every way.

The Covenant of peace what does it mean? The crack in one of the letters of the word peace is telling us that a peace that is achieved through violence is a flawed and incomplete peace. The broken vav represents a man that is broken.
This Covenant meaning shackles or chains, it’s the glue that holds everything together and is revealed… with a broken vav. Peace means to destroy the authority attached to chaos. The negative space of Shin is 2 yods and 2 vavs, 10x10=100 and 6x6 = 36 then 100 = 136 and then 136 equals LORD. Adonay: Lord The Original Word: אֲדֹנָי.

The Big Vav means "belly" (middle of bible) The Big 7 then there is 77 instances of double words in the Torah scroll, the 39th instance, the middle one, is darosh, darash (BELLY) of Serpents). So while it is not the middle of all the words in the Torah scroll, it is the middle of all the unusual double words found in the Torah scroll.
In Levi- 11:42 it shows us the Broken vav is 2 yods, in the negative space its a alph, and an alph is made up of a yod pointing up and one pointing down. 10x10 = 100, 10+10= 20, 100+20= Adam (mankind). The Torah and conclude consciousness “spontaneously” arrived in a single person (Adam) about 5778 years ago.

All words counted 39923.5 verses middle 15551. Letters middle of bible counting all letters = 152402.5.

Psalm 108:1&2
Last word "Dawn" first word "awake" The first words "A Song" last word "with my glory". Yhwh/12 words.

The letter vav of the word "gachon" represents the midpoint of the letters of the Torah scroll. The words darosh darash (from Leviticus 10:16) represent the midpoint of the words of the Torah. The verse which begins with the word vehitgalach (from Leviticus 13:33)represents the midpoint of the Torah’s verses. In the verse yecharsemenah chazir miyaar (Psalms 80:14), the letter ayin of the word miyaar (מיער) is the midpoint of the book of Psalms. The verse vehu rachum yechaper avon (ibid. 78:38) represents the midpoint of the verses in Psalms. Lev.8:28 we find an aleph, on position 152403 in the bible meaning "was".

152403=(1x3x37)x1373 or 111x1373.

First is 'in the beginning', , and the last word of the Torah is Israël, . Together the first and the last letter of the Torah form the word which means "no" or "nothing" 2+30=32, which means hart or center.
First Vav is "first and last man" Gen 1:1 “In the beginning created, Elohim את & the heavens ואת the earth”

Aleph and Tav is the Start and ending of Hebrew letters, Alpha Omega, Vav represents the number six, it has long been associated with man who was created on the sixth day, who has to work for six days, and there is appointed to man six millennia (6,000 years) to rule until the coming of YHVH. ואת yes, 853 is a prime number Aleph Tav is firstly a symbol of the “strength of the covenant”. The symbol takes on additional meanings because of Whom the Aleph Tav represents…the Yah-head, both Father and Son, "Kabbalah & Alchemy" TETRA=4/Penta=5, Gram= word or grammar. And these relate to the elements. In the beginning, in the foreword, there was spoken Four word. The 5th is the silence before, between and after the sounds.

10^195 different and possible combinations of amino acids that need to be sorted through to create an original small protein. Then for every successful functioning protein structure there are 1077 that do not work, far more than the number of atoms in the Milky Way. Since scientists estimate that there have been 1040 different organisms or all sizes and kinds that have existed in the history on the earth in the last 3.5 billion years, it means that by evolutionary methods only 1/1037 of all the possible protein structures could have been searched. In other words, not even one new functional protein could have formed on earth in all that time, let alone species, phylum, kingdoms and civilizations. And that is being extremely generous because it assumes every procreative attempt included a mutative experiment, when our observations show it was in actuality a rare occurrence. the possibility of creating that very first protein is 1/10^164. Good luck.

6.4 billion nucleotides in the human genome, meaning that the equivalent in writing is not randomly typing just one 100,000-character masterpiece, but an entire library of 64,000 of them. You would have a better chance of physically counting all the atoms of the universe.

Fine-structure constant using Pi: e2 / ((h/2π) x c) = 1 / 137.036 = 0.00729
Fine-structure constant using Phi: Φ2/360 = 2.618/360 = 1 / 137.508 = 0.00727
Cubic model of the atom was born the idea that space must itself be quantized as a cubic lattice. Within this quantized lattice, light and other electromagnetic energy then propagates in waves, oscillating around the center of the cubes until some of it cools and becomes trapped inside to form atomic standing waves. That is the only way to explain space in cubic matrices.

All energy's flows through lattice's, it oscillates between quark and gluon fields to form waves around the quarks, which aggregate into the particles of atomic nuclei. Tessellating the lattice as waves is helpful in showing how electromagnetic waves are able to travel around atoms while also forming harmonically spaced electron shells. But it reveals something even more important – the alignment of sinusoidal waves in the lattice create a slight gap in the lattice that permits light and other electromagnetic waves to propagate freely. The Assembly of the Gods shows the Fibannaci Ladder of Light Funnels , which is made of the Fine-structure constant using Phi, in turn is the universes code. Multidimensional hypercubes models that are something immovable made of 3 shems. This is why there is little faith in the redeemer. Almost as if The ransomer intercedes when faith in the redeemer falters.

D is the negative density of space (zero energy). The dimensions of the universe would be 0 (ground) and infinite (external). The universe would exist as an empty void and zero energy. This is the immaterial reality that lives in and is very basic and impossible to see, touch, or comprehend. It exists beyond all time, space, and time. Because it is life without body, it is practically eternal and there is nothing that can be harmed by this immaterial energy. After death, it can be obtained by meditation. This universe is simply infinite.

Trigrammaton = e & m respectively.
The optical element may comprise an optical element capable of providing each of the range of values (including values providing all 3 ranges), the particular values used being selected for the particular application, and the source of the light of light according to any of the embodiment's. As a further alternative, the particular values may comprise values providing only a specific value for the particular range. The light is transmitted through the optical element to a head-mounted image display system in accordance with the present disclosure in a beam having the required wavelength at each of the ranges. A 3D image of the individual can then be projected on the eye of the wearer. According to various embodiment's of the present disclosure, various light sources may be used to provide light of a desired color, on a per-eye basis.

Infinity equals 613 English Gematria. Jews have 613 mitzvos and 7 Rabbini­cal laws which equal 620, the same as the gematria of Kesser, crown. As the Sefirah of Kesser represents the world of pleasure, it is thus the ultimate level of reward for doing mitzvos. The 310 worlds are exactly half.” ne can say that the division of the 620 worlds reflects the division of rewards between the tzaddik Yissachar and the tzaddik Zevulun. This too is mirrored within the word יש שכר: yesh equals 310: י=10, ש=300. The 310 (yesh) worlds serve as a reward (s’char) for Zevulun for his partnership with Yissachar.

620 exists beyond the intellect—the dimension of the suprarational; the will and pleasure of the King. The gematria of Kesser is 620. When the shin is repre­sented as Kesser three lines of the shin may be interpreted as three gen­eral dimensions of a human being: Kesser (will and pleasure), the intellect, and the emotions. In addition, the entire shin can represent just one of these dimensions. 620= The Sphinx, the Arab goddess of knowledge and wisdom and mother of the dead, and Mary. The, the Arabic goddess of knowledge and wisdom and mother of the dead, and Mary. The Two Babylons Or the two babylons are both true figures representing the two mystic dimensions of Love.

620 rays of light are imparted to the world through the three literal lines—or channels—of the shin and a is nonzero, which is defined by a polynomial of degree four, called a quartic polynomial, of a diameter one centimeter, of constant coefficients. This is also what governs the frequency with which something is luminous or semitransparent: When the triples of line projected into the middle of the earth's shin meet there and at the is nonzero, they project into a line with a frequency of 5 million times a second, giving a luminosity of 5 million times a second. There are an infinite number of light sources, as there are spots on the flatness of the table; the common source is the starry sky. It has been suggested that to the human observer at that instant the luminosity is some infinitely light blue or orangish light of a color that one can distinguish only because of the distortion and translation of the image into a triangle, the assumption being that the human eye interprets each interval of the reflected and projected image differently in the different relative frames of reference. The invention is a limited class of optical components which comprise an optical element capable of providing each of the reflectance, refraction and bending ranges, both near and far from the optical axis as necessary to obtain the required aperture.


The Elohim of the Jews were supposedly seven in number. They were the Spirits of the Dawn, more commonly known as the Archangels controlling the planets. The seven Archangels, with the three spirits controlling the sun in its threefold aspect, constitute the 10, the sacred Pythagorean decad. The mysterious Pythagorean tetractys, or four rows of dots, increasing from 1 to 4, was symbolic of the stages of creation. The great Pythagorean truth that all things in Nature are regenerated through the decad, or 10, is subtly preserved in Freemasonry through these grips being effected by the uniting of 10 fingers, five on the hand of each person.The 3 (spirit, mind, and soul) descend into the 4 (the world), the sum being the 7, or the mystic nature of man, consisting of a threefold spiritual body and a fourfold material form. These are symbolized by the cube, which has six surfaces and a mysterious seventh point within. The six surfaces are the directions: north, east, south, west, up, and down; or, front, back, right, left, above, and below; or again, earth, fire, air, water, spirit, and matter. In the midst of these stands the 1, which is the upright figure of man, from whose center in the cube radiate six pyramids. From this comes the great occult axiom: "The center is the father of the directions, the dimensions, and the distances. The heptad is the number of the law, because it is the number of the Makers of Cosmic law, the Seven Spirits before the Throne.

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