How to get 1000+ Subs, Likes and 4000+ Hours of Watch time for Youtube Monetization

Go viral and look professional.
This requires making Interesting Content that is under 3 sometimes because most viral videos are under 3 minutes. Never go more than 19 minutes because peoples attention spans normally run out by then. 6 minutes is good for presentations with about 60 slides. Upload once a week or more but do not go longer than a month on average between videos. Talk to other Youtuber's and Collaborate if possible as well. Always make the most of channel customization's using High-quality images with your branding in mind and style. Always plan out your videos with good idea's. Like and Heart all comments, and Reply To EVERY decent comment. Sometimes upload Thumbnail images with video uploads. Check out some live streams and chat with users and makers from time to time. Make playlists people may enjoy that's related or not to your channel. Make a Custom Channel Logo and make a Custom Channel name.


Then you can easily do 5-20 Subs per link to get rewards usually about half the amount you Sub to- like 10 subs get you 5 new ones.

You can get about 37 New subs a Day using this method above, so subscribe to 75 channels per day until you get the Error message saying to "wait a few hours". You can subscribe to a maximum of 2,000 channels and your subscription limit grows as your YouTube channel does it's tied to the number of subscribers your channel has or how long your account has existed, so your exact limits may change over time.

Add 50 more Free subs!
QQTube is one of the leaders and cheapest online providers of YouTube services to increase the number of your channel subscribers, views, likes, dislikes, and shares and has around 150 or more partners worldwide. It has already served more than 20, 000 clients, delivered six hundred million US dollars’ worth of views, and processed more than 300, 000 ordered packages since its start in 2013 also claims that views come from real people. This should mean that using this website will not keep you and your account in trouble.

You aso need 4000 Hours of watch time. You need to get Free Marketing to stuff to get more subs and likes and views.


Add Bn donations, social media links and other links under video by default. Also Setup automatic tags too while your at it!

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The other ways include bots and other methods using money which may or may not even work, this is intended for educational purposes anyways. I don't really trust sites that have to edit your page in any way so don't let things like TubeBuddy gain access over everything.

You can also buy YouTube subscribers, re-shares, favorites, views, likes, and dislikes on YTMonster. A thousand orders of each of this can cost you around $3 to $20. A thousand subscribers can cost you at an amount not higher than $14.00.


Don't you want to be a Dinosaur?
Dinosaurs have more than 1 million subscribers, so anyone at that level is considered a YouTube superstar. 8.000 YouTube channels out there having more than 1 million subscribers Gorillas have more than 100,000 subscribers. 80.000 YouTube channels feature more than 100.000 subscribers. Deer's feature more than 10,000 subscribers. Foxes are channels with a subscriber count of 1.000 to 10.000 Frogs are at the lower end of the animal kingdom and have more than 100 subscribers but less than 1.000. Bugs are channels having between 10 and 99 subscribers.

I'm just about to be a Fox.
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