The introduction of blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies a decade ago has brought about many changes in various aspects of the world. It has brought about faster transactions, decrease in waiting time, transparency and other numerous benefits. However, the technology is not understood by a lot of people hence its inception in many countries and other sectors has been quite difficult. Without the real life use of this technology, investors are scared to invest in cryptocurrencies because of the risks involved.

Yusra Global has a solution to this problem. It seeks to create a platform whereby crypto can be applied to real life. It seeks to create a Yusra marketplace where individuals can buy and sell goods. In addition, members can create their own platform and post the uses of their goods. There will also be Yusra Vote which will be a decentralized voting system for users. Yusra portfolio will give users the opportunity to hold other cryptocurrencies in addition to Yusra. Yusra Pay is also a decentralized payment system which is highly safe and free from third party influences.

How to register on the Yusra Web Wallet
Click on the link to the website http://yusra.global
Click on the three top arrows on the top right and select registration
Click on register
Enter your username, email and password
Verify your email…then proceed to log in with your details

The Waves Decentralized exchange is one that allows exchange of cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. Funds are solely managed by the user and not other parties. The fees are much lower and they have trading pairs matched with the popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USD and LTC. Creation of tokens is much faster and very cheap. In addition, users can trade using the mobile app, web wallet, desktop or waves API. Language barrier is never a problem for users because we have 16 languages available to suit all our customers from different countries. The link to the waves decentralized platform is https://dex.wavesplatform.com

Selling the coin
Create an account on Dex Exchange
Go to assets and select Yusra
Click on sell and copy the address given to you
Send the Yusra tokens from your original wallet to the wallet on the exchange
Select the trading pair you will like to trade in, either BTC, ETH or LTC

Buying the coin
After creating an account on the dex exchange, transfer either BTC or ETH or any othr coin to the exchange
Use the search engine to locate Yusra token and select a trading pair that suits th currency you have

Kindly visit the following sites for more details about the project.
Website: http://yusra.global
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/YusraGlobal
Telegram: https//t.me/YUSRAGLOBAL

My bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2067551

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The YusraGlobal platform is very user friendly and their features too are amazing. This is one good project investors wouldn't want to miss

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