Cryptocurrencies also known as digital currencies are the new ways of keeping cash. Transferring huge sums of money from one place to another has less hastle and more easier than real cash. It has a wide range of benefits due to its technology backing it. This technology makes transactions anonymous, faster, easier and much less stressful. There are a number of them and they also have the tendency to provide huge profits too if invested in them. Despite all these benefits, it still has disadvantages. The number one disadvantage preventing people from investing in it is its volatility. The price of crypto is highly unpredictable and highly unstable hence cannot be used as a means of payment. The existing cryptocurrency wallets too have complicated wallets which when typed could lead to so many errors. There is also a problem with storage of private keys, in that, when a private key is lost, all the funds that comes with it are also lost along with it.
Some exchanges charge huge sums as transaction fee, making it impossible to withdraw small amount of money. Transaction speed tend to become slower when a lot of transactions take place on the blockchain network.

USDX has provided solutions to all these problems. We have created an application to enable faster transactions. The application has a friendly interface and users can choose usernames of their choice. There is a higher level of security since transactions are verified by 2 factor authentication and a pincode. The issue of volatility is dealt with by providing a stable coin that is pegged to the US dollar in a ratio of 1:1. Since there are no fees charged, one can send even small amounts of money. Sending money from one wallet to another is easier because you can just use the recipient's name.
USDX token can be used to pay for services like car rentals, hotels etc. The USDX token can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. You don't need to get a bank account before you can make transactions. All you need is just to download the wallet and link your number to it to create an account. You can purchase items online using the USDX token anytime anywhere using your smartphone. International transfer of money is much easier and faster using the USDX wallet.

In conclusion, if there is any way of transferring your cryptocurrency into a more stable coin, then I suggest you choose USDX token as your choice for faster and easier transactions.

The USDX token is backed by LHT token

Team Members
Andrey Pskov - CEO and found
Evgeny Sapunov - Co-founder and head of growth
Dmitriy Zhuravlenko - Chief Technology Officer
Sergey Sivochalov - Chief Operating Officer
Roman Gaidaenko - Chief Financial Officer
Sergey Elagin - Financial Analyst
Anastasia Bryukhina - Project Manager
Renat Mustafaev - Investor Relations Manager
Natalia Mosiaikina - PR & Marketing Manager
Victoria Kuzmina - Online Content Manager
Maria Lobanova - Head of PR
Kirill Afanasyev - Head of Design
Vyacheslav Kovalenko - Lead Frontend Developer
Konstantin Shpachenko - Lead Backend Developer
Alexander Alexandrov - Backend Developer
Ksenia Zavialova - Quality Assurance Engineer

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