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Investment is a great source of income for a lot of people. There are a lot of things that provide more than 50% returns when invested in them. Some include gold, wine, jewellery, watches and lastly collectable vehicles. Over the past decade, collectable vehicles have been known to record the highest percentage profit of 289%. Despite this huge profit, only a few people are able to raise funds to invest in this sector. There are so many existing barriers that prevent people from investing in this sector. Some includes; restricted access, high transaction costs, expertise, high capital requirement and limited diversification. These collectable vehicles are produced by specific companies. They produce just a few of them hence acquiring a vehicle is very difficult and in addition, sometimes proof of owning a similar vehicle is required before one can purchase another one. And these cars too need expert opinion to verify their eligibility and to verify their documents which comes with another cost. Huge sums of money are needed to acquire a collectable vehicle therefore makes it difficult for an average person to obtain one.

The vision of curioinvest is to make collectable vehicle investment accessible and affordable to all. We have experience in investment which involves collectable vehicles with Mercuria Helvetica AF and Mechatronik GmbH which helped us to provide services needed to maintain our vehicles. We intend to use asset tokenization as our mode of investment. This simply means that a physical asset (car) will be backed by digital assets. This mode of investment has numerous benefits to the investor. It helps to avoid liquidity discount since investors invest in the car and do not have to buy the vehicle physically. It also ensures there is diversity since investors can invest in different cars using tokens so their investments will not be affected too much. There is much lower cost since there are no third parties and also everything can be monitored online too, making things much simpler.
Curioinvest should be chosen because the companies they have partnered with have also partnered with top automobile companies providing investors with over 500 cars as options for their investment. We have also established legal entities in Switzerland which provides us with investor friendly laws which are suitable or investment whiles that of Lichtenstein allows Curioinvest to sell tokens in over 28 countries worldwide. We also have experts on our team with enough experience to make our project successful.
With the aid of crowdfunding as well as asset tokenization, we aim to bring small and middle scale investors to join the collectable vehicle investment. Our mode of investment is summarized in these sentences
Curioinvest identifies a classic collectable car that has the potential of increasing over time.
A crowdfunding campaign is then held to finance the car. If the crowdfunding campaign turns out to be successful, these companies (Helvetica AF and Mechatronik GmbH) will purchase the car and keep it in their storage. Meanwhile if the crowdfunding doesn’t turn out to be successful within three months, then investors will be refunded.
Security tokens are issued to investors once the vehicle is bought
When a user signs up, a wallet will be automatically generated which will be used o store tokens.

If the car is sold, all token holders receive a share of the profit generated

We obtain our revenue from 5% fees charged from a seller that posts his car on our platform. 20% of interest is obtained if a car is resold successfully on the platform whiles subscription fees are also charged for users of the platform.

In conclusion, Curioinvest is the platform that makes investing in collectable vehicles much easier and hustle free. Visit the following sites for more information


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Curioinvest should be chosen because the companies they have partnered with have also partnered with top automobile companies providing investors with over 500 cars as options for their investment.

04.09.2019 10:25

Most people are not able to invest in their desired businesses because of lack of investment capital but pooling resources together will make it easy for everyone. This is a well thought off project from the team

04.09.2019 10:44

This project gives opportunity to middle income earners to make profit from collectable vehicles.

04.09.2019 15:48