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Greetings to you all
He who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. your future is connected to people . you will always need people in your life . A man with money but without people is a poor man. Never underestimate the importance of people, you cannot amount to anything in life without cultivating meaningful relationships.
Don’t allow The poisons of doubts,suspicion,resentment,bitterness,anger,hatred, envy and inforgiveness to separate you from the most valuable commodity On earth-people. Life’s journey can sometimes be rough, hurting, frustrating ,depressing and discouraging, sometimes from the very people we trust most . But there is room for forgiveness, you may be wronged,betrayed, let down misunderstood, victimized and unjustly treated by people who are supposedly close and intimate to you that does not mean there are no fine qualities in the very people who have Hurt you. Bitterness can never make you a better person, bitterness is a heavy burden to carry, dropped it because it’s retards progress.
I must admit that forgiveness is not fun,it takes effort and hard work ,but it is a necessary step to getting up . It restores relationship to the very people you were meant to bless or who are appointed to be a blessing to you. It is far better to forgive and forget them to hate. Burn the bridge that takes you back and away from these people. Thanks for your time and remain blessed.

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