"HUNGER" by "Black Eye Butterfly"

Thanks for the support so far :) A little bit every day can go a long way.. :)

HUNGER by Black Eye Butterfly

A Song I wrote as a Kid then rewrote as I was inspired by an Atom Collector initiative to help a music school in Venezuela. December steem proceeds will be sent to @fundakantoria You can send there directly if you prefer .

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Canadian Songwriter, Nature Lover, and now.. crypto composer :)

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03.12.2019 21:59

Dear Ivanc, I have resteemed your post with the Newbie Resteem account . We are a non profit group of volunteers on the Steem block chain who support content creators by promoting their work and posts. Cool song man, has a kind of late sixties vibe I felt : )

03.12.2019 23:34

Thanks a lot.. This Song is an effort to help a music school in Venezuela.. I can't and don't want to take credit for the initiative.. It was Atom Collector Records that found this group of Kids.. I am , however, trying to support this great idea. Maybe you could pop them a visit and drop a bit of steem :) Thanks again for having a listen. :)

04.12.2019 02:44

love what your doing mate , big thumbs :)


04.12.2019 11:29

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04.12.2019 11:30

Thanks Deggsy.. Every little bit helps.. Enjoy 30 days of the same Song :)

04.12.2019 11:34

An upvote and I wish you and the music school in Venezuela luck. Resteemed. 💕

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04.12.2019 11:41

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