The founder of BitTorrent confirmed the final transfer of the $140 million deal from Justin San.

Bram Cohen, founder of BitTorrent, announced that he has finally received the final part of the $140 million from Tron CEO Justin Sanah under the terms of the sale agreement.

"After a lot of shaking, I finally got most of the money, but no explanation for the decrease," Cohen wrote. - There was evidence that the escrow agent transferred the money despite the objections, but everyone stopped coming into contact with me as if they were about to sue.

San acquired BitTorrent for $120 million in 2018, the deal was later increased to $140 million. A year later Cohen reported that San was not sending him the last instalment. He then assumed that San might have had money problems.

"The escrow agent says they have not been given an excuse," he wrote, adding that San is apparently trying to get the money back from the escrow account.

"I fully understand that he wants his money, but it's not up to me now," San replied then.

Commenting on a recent major investigation into San, Cohen wrote: "I can confirm that Justin San is the kind of bastard that this article describes.

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