Spanish lawmakers will receive crypto currency as a gift, but will not be able to use it.

All 350 members of the Spanish Congress of Deputies will receive a small amount in Bitcoin as a gift. The initiative is conducted by the cryptographic platform Tutellus, writes the news portal ABC.

Earlier, a similar campaign was launched in the United States. There, the House of Digital Commerce decided to send to all members of Congress for $ 50 in bitcoin. It is expected that this will give lawmakers a better understanding of the issue they have to regulate.

Whether the Spanish company was inspired by the example of its American colleagues is not known, but it describes its goals in a similar way: "Probably many dignitaries already have some experience of using crypt currencies, but we would like to introduce them to those of them who have not yet had a chance to try a new form of money.

The Digital Commerce Chamber welcomed the new initiative: "Although we are not affiliated with this program, we support and encourage educational initiatives in the field of cryptocurrency and blockbusters for legislators around the world.

Spanish parliamentarians, however, will not be able to use the gift, unlike American parliamentarians. If the $50 distributed by the Chamber of Digital Commerce will be enough for some daily expenses, in the case of Tutellus the transfer amount is only 1 euro per recipient. Thus, members of the Congress of Deputies will not even be able to get the crypt currency out of their purse, as the average commission in the bitcoin network is now about 3 euros.

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