Japanese cyber-athletes will start receiving royalties in XRP encryption

The cybersports team of the Japanese financial corporation SBI Holdings has signed contracts with two professional players, who will receive payment from it in the XRP cryptocurrency.

In September, the SBI e-Sports team entered into cooperation with the SBI VC Trade cryptocurrency exchange. Both are part of the corporation. According to the company, the ability to receive payments in XRP will be provided to players on their own.

The choice in favor of the crypt currency has already been given to Kenji "Ken" Suzuki, one of the leading professionals in Japan in fighting game "Smash Bros. Ultimate" on Nintendo Switch, and Subaru "Mikey" Sagano, specializing in FIFA 21.

"Players will receive payment in the XRP crypto instead of Japanese yen depending on their own wishes and the sponsorship contract with SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd," the company said. - We aim to raise awareness of SBI Group by strengthening the touch points with the digital generation and creating synergies between different financial services within SBI Group".

SBI Group is a partner of Ripple and has launched joint initiatives with Ripple on several occasions in the past, involving the latest XRP crypto.

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