Binance told how it helped the user to get $30,000 out of the hands of fraudsters.

The Binance Cryptographic Exchange told of a cryptographic enthusiast who contacted her to ask for support in rebuilding 200,000 yuan ($30,000).

The user came across a project that offered to take part in mining with liquidity and attractive interest rates. "I just wanted a high return in a short time. I didn't realize that this was the beginning of the disaster," he said, explaining his motivation for investing.

The next morning he found that the project site was not available, as well as accounts in social networks. The user claims that after working in the traditional finance space, he considered himself experienced enough for the cryptovoltaic market and could not imagine that he would become a victim of such fraud.

Immediately after that he tried to find other victims and combine them into a group in an attempt to recover stolen assets. "I found a very detailed scheme of moving funds from a user in Singapore, which showed that the funds had gone to 10 Binance addresses," he said.

He then decided to contact Binance's support team, which was simultaneously being written by other fraud victims. "With conclusive evidence, we quickly took action to block funds from 10 suspicious addresses," Binance writes. - Then we helped users recover stolen funds.

"I expected a 0.1 percent chance of recovering the funds," the user admitted.

The Exchange also said it did the same when its wallets started receiving cryptographic material stolen during a Twitter attack this summer.

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