How i Loss my first 6000$ on Cryptocurrency World.

it was June 2016 when one of my friend told about shitCoin "Onecoin." I will explain later will that why I call it shitcoin. My friend told me that if you invest your money here on one coin so after one or two years then you will be millionaire I was shocked but believe me I was haven't any idea about Cryptocurrency, and that time the Bitcoin was on 1000$ but I ignore Bitcoin, and I invest my money here on this shitcoin but when the time passing and i was always asking from my friend that how about our money he said to wait in the next coming three months our coin will come to public and we will enjoy it. I was happy but in the other side we were in darkness because we haven't any knowledge about crypto and don't want to search too that what is Cryptocurrency or bla bla just we want everything for free, if i said reality but it was our madness. The time was passing, and we were waiting for the shit coin to come in public but when i start searching my self about Cryptocurrency and then start learning so I realized that I invest my money and my time on wrong place I was already lose my everything on that shitcoin, but I never lose hope, so the totally summary of my story is that " Never Invest your time and money on wrong place before the complete research that what is this how its work and how it's going I mean to do the full research its maybe anything you want to buy or invest somewhere and never lose hope & never give up always learn from your past.

I'm come here to stemmit with a lot of hope, and I believe that my hard work here will give me success if all of my respected and honourable Friends Help me here and nothing is possible without hard work i will try my best here.

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