Market update #1

The first days of the market went quietly. There were several transactions but the most important was that there were no major problems with the functioning of the site.

During this time, there were several changes improving the appearance of the page.

  1. Separate buttons for buyers and sellers.

    1. Improved filter panel.
    2. Notifications about new sales offers as well as reminders about the need to move the sold planet. They can be seen in the NextColony discord trade channel.
    There is also new experimental feature informing about approximate planet value. Currently it is calculated using this table
    The data contained in the table may be subject to change. Final values will be seen with new NextColony update.

    Approx planet value is calculated as follows: data from the table divided by 1000 plus 0.3 steem per ship on the planet.

    It is first and simplified version of this feature and it will be expanded in the future. Better ship value calculation, added building values and installed blueprints.

    Coming Next

    • a new window with a list of planets selected using the filter.
    • improved galaxy map handling (change click to drag)
    NextColony game
    Item Market
    Item Market is 3rd party tool for NextColony space game

Comments 8

Very impressive. Kudos.

22.10.2019 18:02

I thank you very much for this great tool. I have already bought some planets, but unfortunately in my areas there are no planets for sale at the moment

22.10.2019 18:15

really great, soon the sale of ships?

23.10.2019 03:10

yes, they will be added sooner or later

23.10.2019 09:53

wow, this is very cheap

!giphy cheap

23.10.2019 18:31

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

23.10.2019 18:31