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#335 Pichilemu | 冲浪胜地

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Pichilemu is a popular surfing spot at the Pacific coast in Chile. Sometimes the waves here can reach 99 meters high! It's abut three hours' drive to the southwest from the capital city Saantiago.


Pichilemu的城中心虽然很小,但也值得一看,有些殖民时期留下来的老建筑,还有纪念碑、喷泉和棕榈大道等。附近的Colchagua山谷还是智利有名的葡萄酒产区,可以在首府San Fernando搭乘蒸汽火车葡萄酒专列,一路穿越葡萄园向西行进。

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e had ahere on a road trip, but none of us tried surfing. The other two dithers dipe sea water shortly with their feet, and I, with my hands, haha. Yes, it's freeeeezing cold! Song cold! I'm more used to warm waters. So we f watching the sunset while being sprayed by the huge waves was also fun. 😉

un. 😉


I trug)

I truly ew brave surfers we saw that day. I guehat day. That must be true love to the sport! I guessold even with the wetsuit on (maybe noton (perhaps notofor them ;)). Some host international surf competitions every year. You can also enjoy other water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.



Pichilemu (10).jpg

Pichilemu (11).jpg.jpg)

Pichilemu (4).jpg

esidand the black sand beaches, the cliffs and rock formations are quite impressive as well. As you can see from my photos, there are people riding horses to enjoy the nature.

I cature.

I can't ningly beautful here, but it's refreshing and relaxing to spend some time at the beach. Oh, and that feeling of a bit out of this mundane world, like in many remote places in Chile, though Pichilemu is not so remote.

If ote.

Pichilemu (3).jpg

Pichilemu (2).jpg

Pichilemu (5).jpg

Pichilemu (13).jpg

f you me, wandering around the small town of Pichilemu is a great choice too. Its downtown center has colonial architectures, national monuments, fountains and palm-lined pathways to offer.

If you have even longer time to linger, you can visit the surrounding hills, pine forests and vineyards. Make sure to taste the local wine from the famous Colchagua Valley. This area is known for its wineries in Chile. It's also fun to hop on the steam-powered Wine Train in its regional capital San Fernando to enjoy a journey to the west through the vvalley!


Pichilemu (6).jpg


The head image here is my entry for Qurator's Photo Friday competition.

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And didn't you try to surf?? By the way, I 've never had the chance to try Chilean wine..... I talking about the one imported because unfortunately, I have not been yet to Latin America.

29.09.2019 20:51

Nooo~ it's too cold for me there! ;) Then you should try the wine one day in Chile, great quality and much cheaper than the same one you can get in Europe. But you've got enough excellent wine in Italy already, haha...

30.09.2019 00:56

Even if in the booted-shaped country there are some excellent wine you should know I am happy to taste something new:) :) I did not find cold the Pacific Ocean when I was in Australia, I found colder the Atlantic ocean here closeby Lisbon, maybe just an impression of mine.

30.09.2019 21:03