Better life with steem (2 March 2021)

Hello everyone
I hope everyone is very well. I am also very well by the grace of Allah. I woke up today at 8 in the morning. I woke up a little late. I woke up fresh and had breakfast.I eat beef legs and bread for breakfast .These were sent to us by our aunt.


Then after breakfast I prepare the readings for my online class then my online class starts at around 11 am and around half past twelve my
The online class is over. After the class, I rest for a while. I go to take a bath. After taking a bath, I perform my Zuhr prayer.

              Time spend with brother and sister.



Then I spend some time with my brother and sister. Then when Dad comes home, we all have lunch together. We rest for a while and we all watch a drama on TV.


Then when the call to prayer is given, we all go to pray. When the prayer is over, we all go to the roof together and take care of the trees. We water all the trees.After the prayers I have some light breakfast.


Then I read to my younger sister for a while. Then at about eight o'clock at night I sit down to read by myself and finish my reading by about 11:30


when I finish reading I eat dinner.
Then I listen to my favorite songs on YouTube and fall asleep around midnight.
This my daily dairy today.
Thank you all. Have a good day.

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