Why Did Ilhan Omar Retweet About Coronavirus At AIPAC?

Anti-Zionist-not-antisemitic congresswoman Ilhan Omar has retweeted the following:

Given her well-known disdain for AIPAC and her accusation that AIPAC pays off politicians to be pro-Israel, one can surmise that her reason for retweeting this is one or more of the following:
  • Haha, you all had it coming (Divine punishment?)
  • To spread more distrust and hatred towards AIPAC and AIPAC attendees
  • The part about 2/3rds of Congress being there, to reinforce her accusation about AIPAC buying support for Israel
I think we can all agree it was not to wish any of those affected a speedy and full recovery. Sure, coronavirus is a huge concern and is spreading rapidly. But so is antisemitism - and Ilhan Omar is one of the main carriers.

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