Palestinian Riots In Support of their Right to Contract Coronavirus

I am not even kidding.

Clashes are reported between Palestinians and police in and around Jerusalem’s Old City and at least one arrest was made, as Friday prayers on the Temple Mount went ahead while authorities tried to limit the number of worshipers due to the coronavirus emergency measures currently in place.

The outdoor areas of the holy site, known to Muslims as the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, were open to Friday prayers even as most other major Muslim shrines around the world were shuttered amid the pandemic. Worshipers gathered in small groups, but rain forced them to gather in sheltered spots in violation of Health Ministry rules.

Meanwhile, many Palestinians staged often-violent mass protests outside the Old City after police prevented them from reaching the site and closed the Old City doors to anyone except local residents.

You just know what is coming: if any of these palestinians contract corona, they will then complain we are not doing enough to treat them, as our hospitals run the risk of being overpopulated.

For the record, there is a ban on Jewish synagogue services as well.

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