Israel-Hater Caught Lying About Her "Innocent" Cousin Killed in Gaza

A "palestinian American" named Alexandra Halaby, calls herself a "political organizer, broad coalition builder" and US Spokesperson for the anti-Israel propaganda Twitter account Days of Palestine.

Oh, and she is part of the #BernieSquad.

Earlier today, she tweeted this about her cousin (hat tip: Michele)

(note she calls terrorism "resistance")

Memo to Alexandra Halaby: if you are going to lie, at least make sure the evidence of your lie is not readily available for all and sundry to see.


When confronted with this inconvenient fact, Halaby did not exactly deny it

Update: also backtracked

And the lying does not stop there. Apparently this vile person does not go by the name Alexandra Halaby, but rather Alexandra Whitney

And she has not exactly been honest about her appearance either

It seems she is good at putting lipstick on a pig in more ways than one.

Update: Haaretz's Allyn Fisher-Ilan, folks.

Update: It gets even worse.
Ms, Halaby educates and consults journalists on best practices in reporting the Palestinian conflict.

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