Fake News From Gaza News

Anti-Israel Facebook page Gaza News has posted this sob story:

While I know the IDF does not go around "slaughtering" people, let alone kids, there is something else off about this post: the photo does not fit the story. Other sites have the crying man as the father of one of four boys killed in the 2014 Gaza war beach bombing incidents.

Of course, the person behind the Gaza News post knew this, yet tried to manufacture a new, unsubstantiated story around the photo. Why not reuse a photo for maximum effect, especially when lying is a main weapon in your arsenal?

I should also mention that regarding the Gaza beach incident, an Israeli internal investigation cleared the IDF of wrongdoing since the boys had been mistaken for Hamas terrorists preparing to attack Israeli forces. A UN Commission report found that the IDF had failed to take the appropriate precautions stipulated by the rules of protecting civilians in a conflict, but there was no suggestion the boys were slaughtered or somehow deliberately killed.

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I'm so happy I found a blog that's not standard SJW and peddling total crap and lies from the Pal ies tianian narrative. A lot of that crap on STEEM.

28.11.2019 17:28