CAIR AZ Executive Director Imraan Siddiqi Doubles Down on Latest Blood Libel

Imraan Siddiqi is the Executive Director of CAIR Arizona. While Hanan Ashrawi apologized for retweeting the latest blood libel against Jews, Rashida Tlaib flushed her retweet of it down the memory hole (or perhaps it automatically disappeared when Ashrawi deleted hers), and even QNN retracted it, here is how this champion of fighting Islamophobia (and self-professed expert on what is and what isn't antisemitism) reacted:

Make no mistake about it. He is deliberately exploiting a proven lie to incite hatred against the Jewish people.

Imagine if Muslims were accused of committing a murder they didn't commit. And someone responded "Well, I wonder how anyone got that idea", pointing to instances of Islamic terrorism. I am sure Siddiqi and CAIR would be livid.

It looks like his buddy Linda got her wish.

Did I mention that both Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have ties to CAIR?

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