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Hello dear steemet friends. I will share a great article with you today.
As of tomorrow, the month of Ramadan is starting. I had a very busy day today with the excitement of this. Pre-Ramadan shopping and house cleaning kept my whole day busy. As such, I did not have the opportunity to cook at home today. The restaurants will be closed for a month from tomorrow. So today was the last opportunity to go out for dinner. We also took advantage of this nice opportunity.

In my article today, I will introduce you to the restaurant I went to and the delicious food we ate. I think the most crucial part of the article will be the account part. You won't believe it when you see what we ate and learn the calculus.

We arrived at the place where we were going to have dinner with a little walk with my daughters and husband. The restaurant we went to is a small business on the road.




As soon as you step in, the delicious smell of food impresses you.
It is possible to eat the most beautiful flavors of Turkish cuisine here.
Since we often go here for dinner, we are very sincere with the owner and staff.

The reason why we often choose this restaurant is the smiling faces of the employees and the taste of the food.

We decided to have a kebab with my husband. We also ordered lahmacun for my daughters.
We did not eat out during the illness period and we were quite surprised when we saw the prices on the menu. Prices were very reasonable.


Besides the meals, the appetizers they serve are also very tasty. In addition, the breads we will eat are made by the masters here. So the food is all pretty fresh. This increases the flavor.





The kebabs we have ordered are prepared in advance. It is displayed in a cabinet that customers can see and choose from.
It is also possible for us to follow the preparation of the lahmacun we ordered.
The kitchen part of the restaurant is in a place where customers can see it. This allows us to see how hygienic the restaurant is.



They prepare the kebabs beforehand. Thus, the meats are both marinated and customer orders are prepared quickly.


I took a few photos for you with the permission of the masters who prepared our lahmacun and bread.

The Lahmacun master was doing his job very well and therefore he could not pose.

The walls of the restaurant are decorated with photographs of the food. This situation also whets your appetite.



While our kebabs are being prepared, our appetizers first come to our dining table. The appetizers are also very satisfying.
There is also hot bread with appetizers. A table rich in grooves is set up.



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My favorite appetizer among these appetizers is of course, raw meatballs. It is one of the most beautiful and special flavors of Turkish cuisine.


Even these delicious foods are enough to fill our stomach. Fortunately, our main meals are ready and served to us.
The visual and the taste are really excellent. It's like a king's table.






I can't decide which of these good foods to eat first

Of course I'm trying to taste them all. I don't know which dish is the first. They're all so nice.

We feed our stomachs with very good flavors.


After this delicious meal, teas are the gift of the restaurant.

You will not believe how much bill we paid for this delicious meal. Only 65 turkish liras or 8 dollars. This is the wage we pay for two people.

I am grateful to the restaurant for these good food and for these affordable prices. I will always continue to choose them.

I would like to thank @steemcurator01 and also @steemcurator02 @booming01 for supporting me and other steemi on this Steemit platform. I hope I can continue to work in this Steemit with your support.

I would also like to thank @alikoc07 as the founder of the @Steemitfoods community. I hope I can continue to work in this Steemit with your support.

regards @ispin

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