A Colorful Colombo

These photos were taken a few months ago on a trip to Sri Lanka. They were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6.


Colorful Crosswalk
A picture with three-wheelers at a crosswalk. All the colors of a traffic light on the street, yet not a single light in sight. Ironic, yet oddly natural. The colors are vivid and strong, even the grey building behind seems to glow.


Three-wheelers In the City
This picture captures the amazing colors of the three-wheelers, and traditional architecture, along with the rather dull, urban landscape behind it. It’s a wonderful combination of the vibrant culture of SL and modern dull-ness.


Halfway There
I think this might be my favorite one here. This is a simple picture of a man crossing the same crosswalk as the one in the first picture. I think it's the bounce in his step that brings out the beauty in this one.

I’m an ametuer photographer, and love street photography! Any feedback would be welcomed! This is my first all out post on eSteem despite having an account for sometime, please let me know what you think!

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