O Fates


Weave if you will, O Fates, a destiny
Let justice be dealt upon them
Let vengeance be swift and merciful
Let them learn their lessons

For they have betrayed us

O Klotho, young and bright
Gather the wool and sort it
Dye it and spin it into thread

O Lachesis, mature and strong
Set in place the warp thread
And weave through the weft

O Atropos, old and wise
Pull tight the threads
Cut them as you see fit

Weave if you will, O Fates, a destiny
Let they who betray
Let they who cause harm
Suffer from their own cruelty

For they have need of your lessons

O Klotho, creator
Choose your colors
Hand them forth

O Lachesis, watcher
Measure the threads
Weave them through

O Atropos, the destroyer
Cut them short to fit
That the punishment fits the crime

And set for the Erinyes

Art: A Golden Thread by Jouhn Melhuish Strudwick
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