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Sonic Groove! A New Steem Engine Music Tribe for Musicians!!!

The Shane is insane and he made another tribe.

This is a small, niche tribe for musicians under the Creative Coin Umbrella.

Here's all you need to know:

If you are a musician, and you make a post about music using the sonicgroove tag, we will find you and we will upvote you!

Also, there will be an airdrop, miners, and a Sonic Groove front end!

We will keep you posted as those occur in the next few days.

That's pretty much it ... But now I will talk more due to reasons.......

This music tribe was actually the first community I wanted to make.
I had a funny thought to make a silly token called Kitty Coin, then a more serious thought to make a music tribe.
Then my cat told me I should make a creative tribe instead to include all creative artists.
So, we went with Creative Coin.
Which we love!

However, after hearing about the recent Choon debacle I felt the need to specifically help musicians and revisit my original idea.
Since I joined Steem just over 2 years ago I’ve been working to help musicians via weekly contests, curations, radio shows, and donations.
I don't have the ability to make a site like Choon at this time, but what I can do is start a tribe dedicated to the amazing musicians that we have on Steem!

This was all just an idea I had in the middle of my current breakdown/existential crisis of losing my mind with moving and trying to find a job.
But, then The Shane took that idea and made it happen.

Shane came up with the Groove part of the name and I added the Sonic part.
I had an idea to use the D.S. al Coda symbols that are used in Sheet Music (because I'm a piano teacher geek).
Then we got the talented @zaxan to make this cool little logo!

This tribe is for musicians, but if you love music and love supporting musicians then you can still earn the tokens through purchase or through curation.
Our curation is set to 60/40.

We will be heavily moderating the tag on posts, however, to ensure that only music posts are showing up on the front-end.

As far as using the tag on posts, here is what will be accepted:

  • Original sound recordings
  • Live performances (originals or covers)
  • Original music videos
  • Music contests and curation posts
  • Music Theory
  • Sound design
  • Musical Instrument/Hardware building or repair
  • Hardware/Software discussions

I can't think of anything else right now, so if you have an idea let me know in the comments.

Also, you can, of course, use the creativecoin tag as well as the sonicgroove tag simultaneously on your music-related posts.

This is a niche tribe under the Creative Coin umbrella so we won't be creating a new Discord at this time.
Join us in the Creative Coin Discord to find out more!

This is an opportunity for musicians to be rewarded for their work in a community dedicated to musicians with better distribution.
As long as the community continues to stake their tokens we can all succeed.

More information about the airdrops, front-end, and miners will happen in the coming days!

So, in closing ... if you are a musician then this is the tribe for you.
Start using the tag sonicgroove on your posts and we will updoot you so that you can receive Sonic Groove tokens!

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