Veils of Negative Existence // Original Music Video

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This is the result of 3 AM insomnia.
I can not be held responsible for the insanity.
So instead, I will hold my cats responsible.

In order to have a better understanding of this creation, please read the following interview with myself:

Me: Why are you doing this?

Also me: I can't sleep.

Me: That is no excuse.

Also me: I want Cheezits.

Me: Anyone who actually watches this is going to hate it.

Also me: Whispers ... I like it.

Me: You're weird.

And to further clarify that final statement ... I present a comment left on one of my previous posts:

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Comments 8

Very good. I enjoyed your video!

10.02.2020 02:18


12.02.2020 04:48

It's scary to watch that video at 3 am! I've always wondered why women with black hair inspire more terror than blondes. 🤔

10.02.2020 03:08

lol sorry I scared you!

12.02.2020 04:49

Very cool. 😎

10.02.2020 20:42

Thank you!

12.02.2020 04:48