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Creepy Digital Art Photo Manipulation Thingies

Muh friend, @juliakponsford told me about this site called
You can mix different images together to create... weird things.....
I can't really describe what happens on this site other than to say the photos are on acid...and some of the photos apparently crawled straight out of nightmares.

I came across something that looked like a creepy doll and went down a rabbit hole of mixing photos together to create about 100 creepy dolls.
This is my favorite one so far:

And I just now noticed the 2nd face on the right.

Here's another one that I ended up using in a music video I made the other night.

Julia also told me about this other site called where you can upload images and even more strange things can happen....

So, anyhoo .... If you like creepy, weird, and strange thingies then check these sites out.

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