Announcing: The Sonic Groove Live Music Contest!


The Sonic Groove Tribe is hosting a new music contest on the @sonicgroovelive account!

The contest will go live on Thursday, September 5th and will be posted from the @sonicgroovelive account!

This will be a live music contest designed to support, promote, and highlight the amazing musicians on the Steem platform!
Oh....and there's also some cool prizes!

Prizes will include:
* Steem
* Creative Coin
* Sonic Groove
* Tunes

We have a great team lined up to help support and execute this contest extravaganza!

* @ausbitbank
* Creative Coin
* Sonic Groove
* Tunees Token
* @helpiecake

* @isaria
* @krystle
* @zipporah
* @pechichemena
* @joseacabrerav

Talent Scout and Communications:
* @paintingangels

* @zipporah

@krystle will be making more posts regarding this contest in the next few days so look out for those.

And get ready to record your live performance when the Sonic Groove Live Music Contest launches on September 5th!


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@isaria, Now Creativity, Art and Talent will flow. Good luck and keep doing this amazing work. Stay blessed.

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01.09.2019 01:16

Excellent excited to see how this turns out! Good job putting this together everyone.

01.09.2019 01:17

More awesomeness! Kudos to all u guys are doing in supporting the local music community on Steemit, looking forward to this. Salute!

01.09.2019 01:32

Proud and honored to be part of this awesomeness. :) SGLivesimple.jpg

01.09.2019 02:10

proud and honored and happy, i feel a lot of harmony with this teamwork and i know we're going to put our mind, heart an action on this initiative. <3

01.09.2019 03:59

I'll be waiting to see what the rules will be for the contest.

01.09.2019 05:25

wow that's really nice contest you guys are going to host , feel free to shout out our neoxian city discord channel , we will be happy to contribution on this contest ;)

!neoxag 50

01.09.2019 06:58


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01.09.2019 06:58

YES!! What a 'who's who" of awesome musical talent you have as judges! With a line up like that this is going to be HUGE. Full support from us!

If you would like some ATOM tokens to add to the prizes I would be happy to oblige.

Will share this in our Discord and mention it on the Radio Evolved show later too.

01.09.2019 08:21

Oh! Good to hear what I read xD i am attentive \O,

04.09.2019 01:37

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04.09.2019 21:25

squarepusher and aphex twin not welcome hm ? that's a shame, but nice initiative !!

09.09.2019 04:09