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Kakao Mobility picks up additional $55M funding at over $4.2B valuation: Kate Park

Kakao Mobility, the South Korea-based mobility as a service (MaaS) startup behind Kakao T, a ride-hailing app, said it has raised an additional $55 million (65 billion won) from strategic investor GS Retail. This brings its total raised to about $941.4 millio…

4 analysts break down Bret Taylor's pretty sweet week: Ron Miller

Bret Taylor finds himself in a unique position in Silicon Valley: in just one week at age 42, he's accepted substantial positions at two tech powerhouses.

If we can't design autonomous robots, maybe they can design themselves: Gideon Kimbrell

Delivering a humanoid robot capable of independently venturing out into public is likely a long way off.

Report claims Amazon collects over a third of seller revenue, bringing in $121B in 2021: Devin Coldewey

A new study claims that Amazon makes far more from fees on its Marketplace platform than even the cash cow known as AWS. The report says that Amazon’s fees for participating effectively on its store have grown to the point where sellers now give the company a…

Daily Crunch: Spotify packs its 2021 year-end recap with new sharing, social features: Alex Wilhelm

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Razer launches handheld dev kit with brand new Snapdragon G3x chip: Haje Jan Kamps

Snapdragon’s G3x is Qualcomm’s fantastically exciting bid to embrace the gaming market — a brand new reach for the manufacturer, which introduces powerful GPUs, 5G-enabled connectivity, the ability to power external screens, immersive audio capabilities, hapt…

Square is changing its name to Block: Amanda Silberling

The FinTech giant Square is changing its name to Block, effective December 10. The name change, which has been in the works for over a year, is intended to house the company’s various products — including music streaming service TIDAL, Cash App, TBD, and of c…

Gift Guide: The smarter home: Darrell Etherington

If you’re just starting to build out a smart home, look no further than Zack Whittaker’s excellent starter kit guide, which should lay the groundwork for a connected home experience. But if you’ve already taken the plunge and find yourself with the key ingred…

DAOs as the future? Hard pass, thanks: Bob Greenlee

While the problems DAOs might solve are real, DAO proponents misunderstand the nature of these problems and offer a tool that creates more harm than benefit.

American Express taps Opy for its first third-party BNPL offering: Anita Ramaswamy

Credit card companies are seeking to push further into the “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) market. American Express (Amex) announced today that it plans to partner with Opy, the U.S. subsidiary of Australian fintech Openpay, to allow all of its U.S. cardmembers t…

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