Tuttle Twins UNCANCEL CULTURE: $77.88


Cancel Culture Must Be Canceled

While books like Dr. Suess are being canceled for what they deemed offensive content, how much more would they go after the Libertarian children's book series "The Tuttle Twins".

To celebrate the fact they haven't been suppressed, Libertas Press is issuing an emergency FIRE SALE of the entire series of book, with PDF student workbooks, PDF Parent guidebooks and Audio versions for all 11 books!


Sale Ends Friday 4/19

Sales like these only last a few days at a time. This is a great opportunity to add these books to your collection, preserving libertarian principles and the ability to teach them to your children.

Get the deal here.




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We have had these books for about a year now. My in-laws showed up today and had bought another set for the kids not knowing we already had them.

02.04.2021 03:33