STEEM 60 Second Steem Elevator Pitch

My Entry into the 60 Second Elevator Pitch Contest

You are at a major blockchain event. You want to convince me that Steem has a bright future ahead and is worth investing in. The problem is that I'm pretty busy so you'll have to pitch you idea during my elevator ride, that happens to be exactly one minute.

I give a 60 second overview as to why STEEM fits all the requirements of the future mega-blockchain of social media in general. I give the case that as people move away from main-stream platforms, some blockchain based tech will take it's place in the long term.

It May Seem A Little Cheesy

Context is everything. Watching a video of some guy reading a script is not compelling, but imagine you're big-time crypto investor trying to figure out what direction to go. Everyone is saying "their" blockchain will revolutionize the world and list all these technical reasons to invest. Why STEEM?

Imagine someone strikes up a conversation in an elevator about what Youtube has been doing to it's own content producers. The conversation quickly turns towards blockchain. There are so many chains out there! It's a stressful thing to try predicting which ones will succeed or fail long term. Perhaps the blockchain of the future doesn't even exist yet! But there is a blockchain that exist that is just waiting for the right people to discover it. The developers, the celebrities, the youtubers - all the people who make the internet great. They are looking for something secure, something fast, something already established, something profitable, something long-lasting. The Steem blockchain is here and ready and waiting.

I Welcome Your Comments and Criticisms

I'll address some things upfront and put your mind at ease: I don't have a studio, I used a script, I couldn't keep my eyes towards the camera, audio is not perfect, I'm not an actor. There. Now I welcome your comments and criticisms!

Thank you for watching my 60 second elevator pitch. Now go power up your STEEM!

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Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of four wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Steemit enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!

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10.12.2019 21:52


15.12.2019 02:18

Loved it, short, quite informing and precise. I liked the angle you came in from, demonetizing on youtube, a lot of people can relate to that.

12.12.2019 08:50

Yes, what's happening on YT is alarming, people are scrambling or an alternative and so often they don't know exactly where to go.

15.12.2019 02:18

Pretty good one! Nice job!

12.12.2019 14:07

Thank you!

15.12.2019 02:17

Short and to the point. Nice job

18.12.2019 15:25

A friend introduced me to a platform
it is sign in with steem's account
He looks a lot like Youtube
If this platform could replaces Youtube
The number of users of STEEM is bound to skyrocket.
because Youtube has a lot of users

13.12.2019 06:57

vimm? Interesting. I was thinking 3speak or dtube, but I'll check out vimm also.

15.12.2019 02:19

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14.12.2019 06:32

I think you hit the brief spot on, very down to earth, good for one minute!

14.12.2019 09:34

Much appreciated!

15.12.2019 02:18

Hi @ironshield

Solid piece of work. Would you mind sharing with me who did organize this contest? I found subject of this particular contest very interesting.

Perhaps you could share link to this contest? I would love to see other entries as well


14.12.2019 20:17

There's two more days for entries if you'd like to make a 60 second elevator pitch.

15.12.2019 02:16

Good morning @ironshield

I just realized that I never thanked you for your previous comment. BIG THX! :)

Also - would you mind if I take few minutes of your time? (I hope I'm not asking this question to often ;)

Anyway .... together with few core members of project.hope team - we'te trying to promote our recent publication: an article explaining economy behind our non-profit community project build on STEEM blockchain.

Perhaps I could ask you to spare few minutes and check it out and share your feedback with me.

I would absolutely appreciate it a lot. I read all comments and I drop solid upvote on each valuable one.


Yours, Piotr

05.01.2020 12:22

I'd like to know more lol. Loved the pitch. You could sell water to a fish in the ocean with that swag

18.12.2019 10:54

Thank you.

18.12.2019 11:51