Copper Round Haul: Stack Copper While You Can

Stacking More than Gold and Silver

One of the most useful metals to use for trade or barter isn't actually silver, but copper. Although it's very common, it's also more useful - especially in a pure form.


These are nice weighty rounds, weighing in at 1/16th of a pound each.


The Noble Native

All of the rounds are "2nds" so they have various flaws, but every one I've inspected has looked great. They are random designs, but among them I got some really neat ones.

I especially like this one.


Not Firsts, 2nd


Having the word "2nd" printed on the back is a bit distracting, but I bought them for their stackability and metal content, more than perfect esthetics.


The Don

I even got some with the likeness of DJT, maybe those will be collectables someday.


Fresh Copper Glows

Even with imperfections, little scrapes and dings, these rounds are glowing.

I do not endorse the pagan entity image on these rounds.

Tradable Treasure

It would take years for me to save up enough to get these kinds of stacks in silver and unimaginable in gold or platinum. But in copper, I can make some nice heavy stacks all over my kitchen counter and still have enough cash left over to feed my family.

Seems like a good deal. Who knows what the future for precious metals will be, but right now (similar to silver) the real world value of copper is very different than the "spot" price.

I could have gotten copper cheaper by investing in copper PENNIES, but they don't have the same purity and weight as these rounds.


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I have been looking at copper coins, but mainly for the art. Some are stunning! I have wondered if there would be barter valiue in copper coins in a SHTF situation. I have also wondered about bronze....

Nice coins, I haven't seen seconds anywhere; I will look more carefully.


14.04.2021 05:36

Most bullion dealers are completely sold out of copper rounds. IF that's a hint of anything.

15.04.2021 00:26

I own a machine shop, I may have to rely in my stock metals if I can't buy any copper. I keep steel, Aluminum, bismuth, titanium, bronze, copper, aluminum bronze, and yellow brass in my warehouse. This stock will be hard to move to the homestead, heavy and bulky!


15.04.2021 04:53

I still have some copper that you sent me a couple of years ago! You did a coded message just to see if anyone was reading it. I read it and you sent me a big copper coin!

15.04.2021 19:28

I remember that! I bet that's going to be worth a lot someday.

16.04.2021 19:18