Student Coin ICO, one of the best ICOs of 2021

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Student Coin is one of the best ICO to invest in. It is currently aiming to decentralize the complete education system in universities. It is one of the first platforms that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and Defi tokens. It is supported by more than 500 universities globally. It has numerous use cases in the education sector. Anyone can create tokens based on STC with ease, just like you create your social media accounts.

You can visit the following website for more details: Student Coin
Also, check out the roadmap of the project and their whitepaper which is pretty detailed.

Today is the last phase of ICO that is running (Phase 100) and is the last chance to participate in the ICO. As I write this the price of one STC is 0.0171 USD if you want to invest in ICO and the coin is also listed in coin tiger and Uniswap and it is trading at around 0.0195 USD which is around a 14% price hike already. I have invested in phase 99 after researching about the project and exploring the whitepaper. It's still not late to invest in the project as it's still profitable. The current phase (phase 100) is the last phase that is running which has a cap of 2.8 million USD. So hurry up :)

The coin will be listed in 4 major exchanges in May and a few other exchanges as well. They will be having their own exchange by August this year. So the price is bound to boom.

Just go through the website by signing up and use the referral code for investing to get a 5% bonus: Student Coin ICO

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